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Police say old car radiators are being stolen for copper

Police in Paducah say radiators from older cars are proving to be a hot item — so hot that 15 have been stolen since June.

Officer Justin Hodges said because the radiators were taken from older cars and generally made from copper, pinpointing when they were stolen is difficult.

Hodges told The Paducah Sun some of the cars involved have been parked on the street or in an alley for months at a time, so people may not initially notice the part is missing.

Until the investigation is completed, police have asked people to be vigilant in checking their cars and making sure to report any stolen items.

“ We are still going through case files and seeing if other open investigations match the circumstances of the ones that have already been reported,” Hodges said. “I am sure there are more, and there are more that haven’t gone reported.”

Marsha Beachel found out the radiator on her son’s Jeep was missing when she went to the mechanic for repairs.

“I had no idea it was even missing. Then we realized the radiator from our Trailblazer was missing too,” Beachel said. “So we called the police.”

Hodges said if someone is found guilty, the restitution would take time to get back to the victims.

Until then, Beachel will have to pay for her own repairs.

“We’re operating one vehicle for three people,” Beachel said. “I am running the wheels off of it to get us all to work so we can make the money to repair it.”

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