Whitesburg KY

Police say three men were going to steal mine cable

Two Letcher County men and a Perry County man were arrested and charged with trespassing on mine property at Franks Creek near Eolia, where they apparently were attempting to steal mining cable.

Robert Shelton, 20, of 51 Honeysuckle Lane, Hazard, James Johnson, 35, and Bruce Johnson, 44, both of 91 Hall’s Branch, Little Colley, were arrested April 8 and charged with second-degree criminal trespassing.

Letcher County Ranger Phillip Slone said the three men trespassed on property owned by Cumberland River Coal and Hubble Mining LLC on March 17.

According to court documents, the men were parked in a four-door green Jeep Cherokee with the lights off and were located near a 250-foot piece of mining cable, which was stretched out. The cable is valued at $20 per foot.

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