Whitesburg KY

Police warn about scam

Police say an unidentified man scammed money from at least two senior citizens last week.

Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields said a man in his 30s approached an elderly couple walking out of Whitesburg Walmart and referred to the man by name. The wife kept a distance and wasn’t listening to the conversation. Fields said the man told the older man he lives above him and hadn’t seen him in awhile. Then he proceeded to tell the older man that his car had broken down and he needed money to fix his car and money for a wrecker to tow his car.

The man gave him $175.

“The wife thought her husband knew the man and the husband thought his wife knew the man,” said Fields.

In a separate incidence, Fields said the man conned $100 from an elderly woman by telling her a similar sob story in the Walmart parking lot.

Fields said the man tried to obtain money the same way from a man in Wise, Va., but the man didn’t have any cash on him.

“We want to warn that these actions toward elderly people won’t be tolerated,” said Fields. “We are following up on leads and will prosecute to the fullest extent.”

Fields said the man is in violation of a city ordinance that requires people to obtain a permit to take up money in city limits. The person will be charged with theft by deception.

Anyone with information about these cases is asked to call Fields at 633-2737.

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