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Poll: Eagle dominates other papers, media outlets here

Results of a recent poll show The Mountain Eagle continues to be Letcher County’s most dominant source for news and information — and by an extremely wide margin.

A poll of registered voters in Letcher County shows 67% of people of all ages read The Mountain Eagle regularly. The second most-read newspaper here is The Lexington Herald-Leader, which is seen regularly by 22% of registered voters. The Letcher County Community News-Press came in third at 6%. The Louisville Courier-Journal, once the most-read daily paper in the mountains, had no readers among those questioned by polltakers. The Courier stopped circulating in southeastern Kentucky several years ago.

The Mountain Eagle recently obtained the results of the poll, conducted last October by a Penn- sylvania firm working for a political campaign. The poll surveyed 200 registered voters.

Non- commercial radio station WMMT-FM in Whitesburg drew the largest number of radio listeners — 11% — when all age groups surveyed are totaled, but those results are buoyed by a large number of listeners over age 65.

WDXC-FM in Pound, Va., came in second, garnering 10% of the radio listeners in Letcher County. The survey does not mention WXKQFM in Whitesburg, but does mention its sister station WTCW-AM, which the survey says holds 6% of Letcher County’s radio listeners. The county’s most powerful station, WIFX-FM, has 5% of the county’s listeners, the poll shows.

Other stations that drew a response by those polled include WDHR-FM (4%), WAXM- FN ( 4%), WWJDFM (4%), WQHY-FM (3%), WXBQ- FM ( 2%), WKICFM (2%), WIZD-FM (2%), WKCB-FM (1%), and WETSFM (1%). The poll also does not mention the powerful WSGS-FM in Hazard.

Among the 18- 49 age group surveyed, 62% say they read The Mountain Eagle regularly, 16% said they read The Lexington Herald-Leader regularly, and 5% said they read the Letcher County Community News-Press regularly.

Of those radio stations surveyed, WDXC-FM has the most listeners in Letcher County in the 18- 49 age group, 22%.

In the age 50- 65 age group, 79% of those surveyed say they read The Mountain Eagle regularly, compared to 23% for the Lexington Herald-Leader and 10% for the Letcher County Community News- Press.

The poll shows that WDXC-FM also leads the 50- 65 age group at 10%, followed by WIFX-FM’s 9%.

Of those polled who are 65 and older, 62% say they read The Mountain Eagle regularly, 22% say they read The Lexington Herald- Leader regularly, and 2% say they read the Letcher County Community News- Press regularly.

Of the radio stations included in the survey, 20% of those 65 and older list WMMT-FM as the station they listen to regularly, followed by 9% for WDXC-FM.

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