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Polly Maucher hosts 27 family members Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! I guess we can start thinking spring as we will be turning our clocks ahead soon!

If Bill O’Reilly was close he would get a good dressing down. Who in the blazes does this so-called know-itall so-and-so think he is to call the people of Appalachia hopeless? He is a stiffnecked jerk. People of eastern Kentucky have more get up and go in them than any high class, lowdown something they send to the mountains.

Yes, there are drugs in the mountains. There are drugs everywhere you turn, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and everywhere! There is alcohol in the mountains, and everywhere else in the world, too.

Polly Ann Ison Maucher had a gang of 27 people at her house over the weekend. Her brother, Michael Ison, from the mouth of “Paradise Valley” Pacies Branch and their brother, Doug Ison, from Columbus, Ind., along with her sister, Jean, and Bill Ison were there also. Two of my little mountain mama Alma Whitaker’s daughters were there, Cenia Faye and Linda. I know Polly’s son, Michael, who lives here in Harrison, was present, the rest were cousins and more relatives.

They all had a pitch-in supper then the next morning Polly cooked for several before they moseyed on their way home. I reckon Polly is going to lock her side door the next time to keep her brother, Michael, from edging too close to it.

July 4 will be the Ison, Whitaker and more get-together at the New Trenton Fire House, as Polly’s yard won’t hold everyone. The fire house is more convenient for events like this.

Now you Ison and Whitaker family, keep Sept. 26 open on your calendar as this will be the Letcher County Day Picnic at the shelter at the Harrison Community Center. Bring a covered dish and your own drinks! Bring a lawn chair! Everyone welcome!

There’s a park being built on Kingscreek for the public in honor of Hayes and Mary Stamper. Their son, Herbert Stamper, who is a retired schoolteacher, sold the land with the provision of this park to be there.

I was too young to really remember the Stamper. Our dad worked for Hayes at the sawmill for a period of time. His brother, Hassell Stamper, was a deputy sheriff at one time, which was always referred to as the law!

I can remember Hassell and a deputy called Boyd Caudill and Jim Short that came to Roxana.

Johnny and Ann Calihan have been battling terrible colds. Johnny got it first and shared with Ann, so Emma Engle isn’t the only person who is good at sharing. Ann’s vision is really good since she had the cataract removed. I am not going out to visit her as she can see all the gray in my hair. Before the surgery her vision was blurry.

Gwen Huff Farmer sends a big hello to all her family that read my column. I am once again making plans to visit her this spring or early summer. Gwen is really enjoying all the food she put away in her freezer from her garden.

Shirley Wells is getting out a little more since the weather has warmed up a little. Shirley, Gwen, and I have almost become hermits this winter.

Vickie Power and I took another drive to Liberty, Ind. The road got a little bad in spots. We ate at Long John Silvers.

Hello down through Linefork to my brother, Richie Hall, his wife, Wanda, and all the neighbors. I bet Bruce Jones is working on his garden space.

I hear there was quite a bit of that fluffy white stuff known as snow that hit the mountain area.

Berma Matthews sent me a picture that I need to get to Bruce Jones. It is of Bruce and his brother and sister when they were small.

Old Time Fiddlers will be March 8. This is held the first Sunday of the month in the basement of the fire department from 1 to 4 p.m. Those of you in this area, stop by to hear some good music.

It is Girl Scout cookie time in this area. Two of my granddaughters, Sarah and Jessica Nottingham, are selling them! My daughter, Anna Nottingham, is a Girl Scout leader. Anna had to pick up 250 cases of cookies. Anna rented a U-Haul truck to pick up the cookies as their truck has no cover and it was supposed to rain. I can personally say I had my hands on 250 cases of cookies, as I put them in the front of the truck and Anna put them in a wagon to haul them in her house. A neighbor came with a wheelbarrow to help. Both Anna and I were glad for the help. Little five-yearold Katelyn worked her little behind off, carrying, pushing and scooting cookies.

My little sidekick Bennie Wierderhold is calling for my attention so I guess this better get sent on its way. Bennie’s mother got him a movie called “Snow Buddies”. For some reason he calls it Sea Buddies.

Bennie really enjoys going to Kroger’s with me. He recognizes McDonald’s and he will say “chicken and fries!”

When my son, Keith, brought Bennie to the house for me, Bennie saw a thermal coffee cup on my counter and said “coffee-coffee”. I started laughing and said, “Now, when a two-year-old will ask for coffee.”

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