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Popcorn was highlight of stock sales



Well, if you weren’t at the Little Colley Baptist Church this past Saturday for their breakfast, you surely missed a good one. Ronnie Maggard, Charlene, Mom, myself, and my youngest grandchild, Story Eliza Hampton, enjoyed it immensely.

Mom even had two biscuits and she rarely does that. I can’t tell you how many pieces of that delicious bacon were eaten between the five of us. Then of course, the pastor’s wife, Tina Combs, had to fix a huge plate for Charlene to take home to Ricky.

The pastor there, Buford Combs, and his wife Tina are very special people to my family and our community.

Of all the memories that I have of our community, some of my most vivid ones are of the Isom Stock Sale. We always called it that and I’m not sure that is what it was actually called.

The auctions that were held on Friday evenings are when Daddy always took us. Only once do I remember them having an actual stock sale while we were there and it scared me to death. I think we kids were by ourselves and Daddy was in the auction barn. But, from what I remember, the bleachers were all around the place where the stock was brought in, kind of like a small rodeo arena.

Louise Howard Shepherd is pictured with her sister Kathleen Miles Brock.

Louise Howard Shepherd is pictured with her sister Kathleen Miles Brock.

Well, they brought in some cattle and one of them started climbing into the wooden bleachers. I thought I was going to die.


Well, come to think of it, I guess that’s why I don’t like rodeos. My husband took me to one at Isom during Mountain Heritage Festival. When the bull stepped on the cowboy’s head I kinda went crazy. So, he said, “Remind me to never take you to another rodeo.”

Back to the stock sale, besides the Holcomb Dairy Bar custards that were sky high for only a dime and the excitement of Daddy bidding on things (his favorite things to bid on were boxes of old tools and who knows what else was in there), the other thing we loved about it all was the Jolly Joe Popcorn van.

It was delicious, and even though we had popcorn at home quite often, Jolly Joe’s was so special. I didn’t know he actually traveled to other places and sold his popcorn until I was much older. The picture posted here was one that has been posted on Facebook many times by many different people.

Until Mom and I became members of Letcher County Senior Citizens I had no earthly idea the Letcher County Extension Center had as many things going on as it does. There are so many different things for many age groups. Here’s a list of a few that I saw on their Facebook page for the month of May:

1. May 4 will be the first day of their 12-week Couch Potato Challenge. This will be based on the national heart, lung, and blood institutes walking plan. This takes place at Jenkins Library.

2. May 15 at 10 a.m., Keys to Embracing Aging. This month they will talk about eating smart and healthy and physical activity.

3. May 31 Quilt Block of the Month at 1 p.m., and Painting with Kenna at 5 p.m. The painting class is for family members.

These are just a few of the things for the month of May I found on their Facebook page. They have many more listed.

Well, not only did the Letcher County Senior Citizens host the bowling tournament on the 26th, they also hosted the corn hole tournament. Other counties were there as well as Letcher.

I watched a little of the corn hole tournament and I was amazed at how fast they threw and how accurate so many of them were. They all seemed to enjoy themselves.

I listened to lots of different conversations between them before they started the competition. They talked about lots of different things. I heard a lot of discussions about health issues, but not one complaint about it. Instead they were all positive and upbeat about it all and were counting their blessings.

I also heard many positive comments about our facility. I know it’s the one facility in Letcher County that I use the most and am the most proud of.

As I wind up this week’s news I have lots of people that need your prayers. One of my cousin’s cousins, Belinda Clayton, found out she has breast cancer and has already had surgery. She will now have radiation treatments five days a week for six weeks.

One of our young church members at Letcher Independent Baptist, Hannah Caudill, is being tested for scoliosis. Another member of the church and my really good friend, Linda Buttrey, needs our prayers for unspoken requests for her children.

My sister-in-law’s mother, Jane Mullins, has cancer and by the time this is printed should have already had surgery. From the doctor’s report it is in many places in her body, so she desperately needs our prayers for healing.

Also remember my aunt, Linda Hall, in Letcher Manor Nursing Home. As always I ask you to please remember to ask God to comfort all the people who have lost loved ones recently. Remember our pastor, Bill Jones, and his wife Sandy.

And, remember how Oma’s article always ended? Try your best to be in church somewhere this Sunday and I say if your church has services Sunday night and throughout the week God would want you there then, too.

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