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Post office boxes offer convenience, security

Get your mail where and when you want it with a secure post office box. Many customers value the security and flexibility of a post office box. Do you move or travel a great deal? Want to expand your presence in another community where you do business? Keep late or irregular hours and can’t always get to your mailbox? Then perhaps renting a post office box is your answer.

For security, flexibility, convenience and peace of mind, nothing beats renting a post office box. With a post office box, your mail is secure – protected under lock and key by federal statute. It affords flexibility in retrieving your mail, early, late, any time the lobby is open. Renting one near your work location can give you a jump on the day’s correspondence.

Not only that, but a post office box is affordable, reliable and easy to get. Customers can apply for a post office box in cities where they do business and pick up their mail as they travel. You don’t have to live in a community to rent a post office box there.

Post office boxes come in five sizes and prices vary depending on the box size and post office classification. Check the post office to see what sizes are currently available. It is a secure way of getting your mail, And, only you have the key and your mail is private and for your eyes only.

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