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Postal money orders are safe, convenient way to send funds

Need to send cash to a college student as the new school year rapidly approaches? Or looking for another way to pay bills? Don’t overlook the convenience of postal money orders.

Postal money orders are available in amounts up to $1,000 and are a safe alternative to sending cash through the mail. For $1.05, money orders in amounts up to $500 can be purchased. For money orders valued at more than $500 and up to $1,000, the fee is $1.50. They’re available at any post office or from rural carriers.

Postal money orders can be cashed at most banks in the U.S. and at any one of 38,000 post offices nationwide. They have no expiration date regardless of when they’re issued. Postal money orders are safe to use because they have many security features that help distinguish between real and counterfeit notes. Just like U.S. currency, they are specially designed with different colored inks, watermarks, and security thread in the paper.

If postal money orders are damaged, lost or stolen, they can be replaced. To apply for replacement, simply present the customer receipt at the post office. The money order should be filled out immediately after purchase and the receipt kept in a safe location. The replacement of blank postal money orders cannot be guaranteed.

International money orders are just as convenient, safe and affordable. The maximum value is set by the destination country, but they can generally be valued up to $700.

A current government-issued or state-issued picture identification is required for money order purchases of $3,000 or more in a single day.

For more information, visit your local post office or log onto www.usps.com.

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