Whitesburg KY

Postal Service is self-supporting

First, we appreciate your business 365 days of the year. We welcome the opportunity to help you fulfill your mission — whether it’s paying your monthly bills, sharing your love with family and friends, using the mail to increase your customer base and profit margin, or paying your taxes. Your local postal employees are glad to be able to help.

Second, while we will accept your tax payments, handle them with care, and safeguard them through to delivery, one thing we won’t do is spend them. Postal Service operations are financed solely by the sale of its products and services. The only government funds the Postal Service receives are reimbursements by Congress to provide free mail for the blind and to keep certain postage rates for nonprofit and other qualifying organizations below cost.

So now that you have filled out your forms this year and made your payment to the United States Treasury, remember: we deliver your tax dollars, we don’t spend them!

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