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Pot of fresh green beans is a must at family picnic

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all, done been talkin to my brother, sister-in-law and sister so have reverted back to my ole Kentucky ways. Yep! Ron and Johnell from Alabama, and Sarah Belle from Cincinnati, Ohio, came in. They got here in time for supper. Fed them green beans from Red’s garden, mashed potatoes, slaw, ham, cornbread, sliced tomatoes from Ron’s garden, cantaloupe and Cool Whip, cottage cheese, and peach and cherry pies. Yep, I made crust and all from scratch. Billy Wayne and Redia and two of their grandchildren, Christopher and Meagan, had supper with us also. They had already eaten before the out-of-towners came in. Bill had to work.

Brother Henry Warren and his youngest daughter, Melissa, (Missy) Sergent Taylor are also coming in. They both live in Murray.

Niece Marcia Sanders Hall (Ethel’s youngest) will be here but I’m not sure just when. She’s bringing Marie Mullins Stewart’s sister, Opal, with her. I have known Marie several years. She and her husband, Bill, came in the store many times and Bill bought his work clothes there. I also knew another sister, Annie Mullins Fleming. I don’t know where they are living now. Both Marie and Annie are such sweet gentle ladies.

I’m really looking forward to seeing family I rarely get to see. I just hope we have a big crowd and a nice day. We’ve been having some really hot days. One thing about Hill Top Park, it’s on a knoll and so far we’ve always had a cool breeze blowing.

I had two most welcome phone calls from two special friends. First, Nellie Banks in Bloomington, Ind., called and as usual we covered many, many topics. She said she was doing well and my wish for her is that she will remain so.

The second call was also from Indiana, from Joyce (Gaynell) Fields. One of her granddaughters had just gotten married, Jessica, daughter of Jennifer Hall in Jenkins. The wedding was in Bainbridge Ind., and must have been a most beautiful occasion. Gaynell said they even had a carriage. A fairy tale princess wedding. Best wishes to the newlyweds, may you enjoy many happy and prosperous years together. Gaynell was expecting her son, Donny, and his son, Matthew, for a visit; they are from Jenkins.

Red and I went out to North Ridgeville to visit with my brother and his wife, Chester and Jettie. I really don’t think Jettie was feeling too frisky. She’s losing weight and says she doesn’t feel too well. I worry about her. She had a heart attack and had a stent put in, but I’m sure that won’t prevent another heart attack.

I think I have finally decided on my picnic menu. Jettie wants me to make cornbread salad and Catharine requested mac and cheese made with Velveeta, she even bought the cheese. I will also make a potato salad, cornbread and of course the one dish that if we don’t take they may not let us stay, a big pot of fresh green beans. If I decide to take a dessert will probably be a chocolate chip cake which I bake Sunday morning so it will be warm and sorta gooey. Yummy!

It’s after 11 p.m. and I still have some dishes to clean up. I used my good china (foam plates) so about all I have is the silverware and cups.

I almost forgot, I am now certified and no longer grounded. I got my certified birth certificate and made a bee line for the license bureau and in a short time was legal again. Try not to lose your license if you aren’t certified, OK?

Until next time y’all have a most blessed day and may your lives be filled with love and sunshine.

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