Whitesburg KY

Power outage hits Cowan residences

Well, here we are again. I hope everyone had a good week. Mine was fair.

I received a letter last week from Georgette Day Simms. It’s always good to hear from her.

I went to see Thula Ison, and was glad meeting her and her son, Lonnie. Kathy, Eddie, James, Michaela and I all had a good visit. She said for us to keep her in our prayers.

Thank God jury duty is over for our group. A new group was selected for July.

We woke up Sunday morning with no power. It went off at 6 a.m., and didn’t come back on until 11 a.m. We got up, got dressed in the dark, and went to church anyway and had a real good service.

Anyway, you never know when the electricity will go off . A squirrel or something must have gotten in the transformer. The lights had been flickering all day.

I wanted to say hello to all the faithful readers of The
Mountain Eagle.
I have had so many comments about it. They say it is their way of keeping up with home and all the people they know or have known.

I especially wanted to say hello to all my old friends at the Big Creek Old Regular Baptist Church in DuPont, Ind. I hope all of you are doing well. Even though I left there a few years back and moved to Kentucky, I still love and miss all of you, and I pray that God pours His blessings out on all of you!

Late birthday wishes are sent to Bruce Sexton from his sister, Melinda Daniel, on July 6. I hope you had a good day.

I still haven’t located Sandra Kay Jones, formerly of Whitco, yet. If anyone knows anything, please call me, or maybe she reads The
Mountain Eagle
and will call me if she remembers me.

Well, this month I have been back here two years, and I still love it. I see my grandchildren and son Chad often enough that I don’t really miss Indiana that much anymore. I miss the central heat and air, and I miss straighter roads, but other than that and the friends and family I left behind, I am content here in these beautiful mountains.

The Trent reunion was this past weekend at the Cowan Community Center. I hope all had a good time.

Dee and Sammy Gibson will celebrate their first wedding anniversary July 22.

Ashley Renee Fields and John Russell Simmons were married July 1 by his grandfather, Pastor Johnny Collier, and her grandfather. I wish them many years of happiness. We love you both.

Audrey Ison turned one year old March 20 She is the daughter of Samantha and Chris Ison. She is the granddaughter of Lonnie Ison, and great-granddaughter of Thula Ison.

I am running out of words to say, so I guess I will sign off until next week. Be good to one another, and pray for the sick and lost.

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