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Praising Dixon

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Mayor Charles Dixon and his family for these last six months for the fine job that he has done running the mayor’s office. Jenkins needed a good man to step in and take over.

Jenkins will move forward because we have a man such as Charles Dixon to make sure of that.

At this time, I would like to address all of the back biting, name calling, and, most of all, the things that have been said about my mayor and his family. Those words can never be taken back or said that is in the past. I have eight kids and 16 grandkids, and if one of them said a wrong word to anyone they would have me to deal with.

There are some bad losers in Jenkins that don’t have the guts to step up and say to Mayor Dixon and his family that they are sorry. I would like for these people to take a good look in the mirror at themselves.

All the things that have gone wrong in Jenkins would have happened if the other person had won the election – garbage truck and backhoe problems, back taxes issues, insurance for the Jenkins workers, a pay raise for the city workers.

This takes money so that all these things can be taken care of.

The Festival Committee is on the right track. One festival is enough. All that has happened is not just a festival issue. There is someone, something behind this, and I know who it is


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