Whitesburg KY

Preparing for play at Cowan Center

Big Cowan

Hello friends and neighbors and those afar off. How is everyone?

I have had a good week, bit has been busy, but good.

I have been getting involved in the play that the Cowan Community Center will be putting on Dec. 5. Not sure what part I will have in it yet, but it has been lots of fun. Several people have shown up. Bob Martin and Mark Kitt are in charge of it.

Those who showed up for the read through of it have been Carol and Kendall Ison, Letha Dollarhyde, Betty Frazier, myself, Willie Collins, Bessie Shepherd, Fran Day, Albert (?), Darrell Holbrook, Shannon and Lloyd (or Floyd, not sure which), R.C. Day, Nell Fields, Ben (?) and some others whose names I do not remember at the moment.

Happy birthday to Katrina Rayburn Collins on Nov. 18, and I will be 63 on Nov. 20. Hard to believe “ . . . another day older and deeper in debt.” Ha, ha!

Wayne and Missy Fields will be married 25 years on Nov. 20. Congratulations.

I think that Jeanette Dollarhide and Della Maggard have birthdays on Nov. 20. Happy birthday to them.

Prayer list this week: Mike Fields, Melinda Daniel, Agnes Maggard, Frances Day (wife of R.C.),Darrell Holbrook’s wife, who has been in the hospital but I’m not sure of her name, Loraine Stewart, Frank and Jeanne Adams, Estellene Shepherd, Diana Sandlin, Jimmy Craft, Glenda Brown, Jack Trent, Gina Fields, Randy Fields, Marie Boyd, Archie Fields, Maggie and Bobby Stallard, Jerry Adams, Jeff Adams, Irene and Eugene Day, and Della Maggard, and keep my children and grandchildren in prayer, Shelby Bockover, Peggy King Caudill, Ellen King, Pat King, Patrick Shepherd and family, and Megan Bates.

There are so many sick who need healing in their bodies. I might not know their names, but God does. If your name is not on this list, just pray and God will hear your prayers.

We have had lots of rain and some cool weather lately, but a few beautiful days. Well, just pray that we have a mild winter.

My nephew Thomas Wolfe, will be having an endoscope done Thursday. Keep him in prayer.

An older man came into Dairy Queen last Sunday morning and was real dizzy. They called the ambulance for him, but before they got there someone who knew him (maybe family) took him to the hospital. I pray that he is okay.

I requested prayer for him at church Sunday morning. I worry about the older folks and them being by themselves. It’s probably a good thing he came to Dairy Queen where someone could keep an eye on him until help came.

Well folks, I am going to go for now. Until next week, may God bless. Attend the church of your choice and be in prayer for someone you know.

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