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Preserving historic buildings

For 17 years, the Battle of Leatherwood (BOL) has been collecting buildings such as would have been used in the area, as it replicates “Brashearville”, an early village, grocery, post office and salt works on the field where a Civil War battle over the salt works occurred. The oldest building is a 200-year-old barn donated by the Morton family.

Knott County’s Pioneer Village was established prior to the formation of Carr Creek Lake as an effort to save several buildings which would have been destroyed by the lake. Many families in the area can trace their roots back to these cabins.

Pioneer Village was a thriving operation for a number of years, but several buildings have fallen into disrepair in recent years. One building has rotted to the ground, a two-story has several sections which have fallen over. The creekside porch rotted off the twostory with a dogtrot, the wood shingle roof poured the water through the building, which soaked through to the first floor and created rot and mildew.

The Knott County Fiscal Court gave the buildings to the BOL last year, which then put a double tarp on the two-story with the help of Campbell Construction and Jimmy Lewis Construction. This saved the building, and it is now dry inside.

Now that the cold and wet winter is past, the BOL, with the help of volunteers, has begun to prepare the first cabin for moving. The chimney has been separated from the building, and part of the porch removed. This work will continue until the building is ready to move.

After the volunteers have done all they can, contractors will move the building to the battlefield, where it will once again be available to the public. The plan is to move and save as much as possible of the old Pioneer Village.

The BOL has good support from the community, the area fiscal courts, and the tourism agencies. It relies on donations and volunteers for much of its work. All these working together have played a part in what is seen on the battlefield today.

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