Whitesburg KY

Pretty sun has little warmth


Winter was late arriving but is sure here now. The sun is pretty but very little warmth to it. I guess we are all a little impatient, but it does not take me long to want spring to arrive.

We were so sorry to hear of Harding Ison’s death. He went to Whitesburg almost every day and he stopped by almost every time he was out. The Lord needed him more than we did, and I hope he is resting in peace with the Lord today.

The Isons have their own graveyard, so he was laid to rest there with his people.

The old Ison home is vacant now, but it has sheltered many, many Isons. Harding was the last one to live there. The family has our deepest sympathy. We counted him as a friend besides just a relative.

It does not take long for a family to go when it gets started, but Harding lived a good, long life. A good friend and neighbor, one who will be sadly missed. Our sympathy to all of his family (brothers and sisters).

Many people have passed away recently. It is a bad time for funerals, but when one dies the arrangements have to be made. God bless his family.

We got a surprise call from our nephew, Tommy York. He lives in Florida. He is the one who sends us a crate of citrus fruit every year for Christmas. We sure do appreciate the fruit. We still have good relatives and are so thankful for them.

Paul York called from Alabama. The York boys are good to check on us, but so far this year we have been well enough and able to go, and we are thankful for our health.

Had a good, long letter from Mary and Eugene Shepherd. They were doing very well, but like the rest of us, the ‘mileage’ has about caught up with us.

Elma Caudill has been under the weather. She fell and hurt herself. We hope she gets better fast.

The big icicles and skiff of snow are still hanging on. I hope we do not have another big snow, but if we do, I hope everyone will be careful and try not to fall.

We appreciate Grant Caudill calling us along, checking to see if we are doing all right. We appreciate that. We were sorry to hear of Inavae Fields dying on Dec. 22. She was raised on Spicewood Branch on Kingdom Come. The family has our sympathy.

The children are missing many school days, but I am glad. The roads are slick and dangerous and our children are too precious to be on the slick roads. There will be enough warm days in the spring to make up these days.

When I attended school, I always walked to grade school and when the branch water got high, someone would take us on the mule.

High school was different. I had to walk across Cotton Patch Hill to catch the train. We were issued ticket books to ride the passenger train until we got enough buses to hold us. But I still had to walk across the hill.

Sometimes I had to take a carbide light to see. It was just how the bus schedule was. But I made it and graduated from high school. I always loved school so much.

Lucy is not too well. She fell and hurt herself.

I had better hush. This is good shucky bean and hock bone weather.

Everyone try to stay well ’til we meet again on the ‘printed page.’ I don’t know how many put up with my effort, but I try.

So long for now. January is gone, time goes so fast.

The saying is true, “Time waits for no man.”

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