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PRIDE offers money for litter disposal

PRIDE has set aside $9,250 to dispose of the litter picked up by volunteers in Letcher County during Roadside PRIDE Month in October. Letcher County, Whitesburg, Jenkins, Fleming-Neon and Blackey could win trophies if they outperform other counties and cities during the month-long cleanup competition.

“If you enjoy a hometown victory, then Roadside PRIDE is for you, because you really can’t lose,” said PRIDE’s Karen Engle. “When you team with other volunteers to pick up litter, then your fall scenery will be even more beautiful for you and your tourists. That’s a win. And, if you turn out more volunteers and clean up more trash than other communities, then your county or city will bring home a tro- phy. That’s another win.

“Your local governments also win during Roadside PRIDE Month, because PRIDE and the state’s Energy and Environment Cabinet are partnering to reimburse them for disposing of the roadside litter,” Engle added.

Letcher County is eligible for $7,500 in Roadside PRIDE funds. Whitesburg can receive up to $750. Jenkins is eligible for $500. Fleming-Neon and Blackey have $250 available each. The Roadside PRIDE funding levels are based on each county and city’s number of road miles. PRIDE will provide supplies such as trash bags, gloves and vests.

Cities and counties earn points for the number of volunteers who clean roadsides, the number of road miles cleaned and the amount of trash collected throughout the month of October. Trophies will be awarded to the cities and counties with the highest scores.

To volunteer to pick up litter, call local PRIDE coordinators. They will provide cleanup supplies, dispose of the trash collected, and add the volunteers’ contribution to their home team’s score. To find a PRIDE coordinator, call the PRIDE office at 1- 888-577-4339 or visit www.kypride.org.

Roadside PRIDE is sponsored by Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, which is a nonprofit organization that serves 38 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky. PRIDE was founded by Congressman Hal Rogers and Kentucky Environmental Secretary James Bickford in 1997 to encourage and assist communities with environmental cleanup and education.

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