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Pridemore family holds reunion


By the time this comes out it will be October, and that’s just hard to believe.

The trees are beginning to change color, and each day it seems they change at a noticeable rate. Before you know it the leaves will be in their full fall colors.

Last week’s column should have said happy birthday to Lyndci Adams Gilliam and Dallas and Desi Banks, and that Joyce Adams and Lillie Moss Hall lost a sister-in-law. My writing is sometimes hard to decipher, sorry.

This past Saturday our Pridemore family got together at Stuart Robinson Dining Hall for a reunion. Darrell and Vicki Pridemore stayed at Don and Coreen’s Sycamore house for a couple of nights, and Roy Kenon and Billie Jean stayed with Lee and Wilma Pridemore.

Bill and Elva Marshall came in Saturday and Ford and Libby Pridemore also came in Saturday and all went back the same day.

We only had a small group of about 40 family and friends attending this year, but all the children of Hiram and Ella Pridemore were able to attend.

Glad to hear that Ronny Dean Caudill is out of the hospital and hopefully feeling better.

Lena Newman Dixon is getting over a spider bite on her foot. It was in her work booth, and when she put her shoe on it got her. I hope it’s getting better.

Donna Kay and Danny Bates had to be touched by all the family and friends who attended the final service for Jeremy. His ashes were buried next to his Papaw Hobert Caudill at the Maggard Cemetery at Rockhouse.

Hazel Adams was given a birthday party at Letcher Manor last Saturday. She was 93, and her family brought her cake and ice cream. We still miss having Hazel below us in her little roadside home. It just doesn’t look right without her sitting on the porch.

We’re glad that Hargis Ison is back home after his stay in the hospital and then at Letcher Manor for awhile.

Blair Branch Church has services at Letcher Manor Nursing Home last Sunday, and afterward sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Hazel Adams and Vernon Cornett. I think he turned 95 or 96.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison’s daughter-in-law Nellie and her daughter Beth came in for the Cornett molasses stiroff and took Geraldine to Lexington with them on Monday. Geraldine had a doctor’s appointment.

The Northern New Home Church at Goshen, Oh. almost has its new kitchen finished. It was accidently burned down a few months ago. We take out trip out there once a year, and hadn’t heard about it burning. We had lots of good food and fellowship in the kitchen, and will enjoy the same in the new one.

Lillie Moss Hale and Mary Jo Blair were both able to make it out to the Pridemore reunion. Tommy Harris Smith brought them, and also brought Lillie Moss’s caregiver. Sorry, I forgot her name.

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