Whitesburg KY

Pridemores give report of reunion

On Oct. 4, the family of Hiram and Ella Caudill Pridemore met at the Blackey Senior Citizens Center for their annual reunion.

The family sent this report of the reunion:

“Forty-eight family members were in attendance along with several friends. All seven of Hiram and Ella Pridemore’s children were present. We all enjoyed with each other and many pictures were taken to commemorate the day.

“The tables were piled high with food and most everyone ate more than they should. We had a kettle of shucky beans which, for the Pridemore children, brought memories of stringing beans and hanging them behind the wood and coal stove to dry. We also had a large dish of chocolate syrup with wafers that reminded us of our favorite comfort food as children, only Mom made it with biscuits for breakfast. To get us out of bed on those mornings all she had to say was “I made chocolate syrup,” and she didn’t have to tell us twice. Reunions bring back many memories, most of those centered around Mom and Dad.

“Each year we give as door prizes an adult Bible and a children’s Bible. Zack Smith, a grandson, won the adult Bible and the children’s Bible was won by Jacob Madden, a great-grandson.

“The joy of being together was dimmed by the fact that our niece, Traci Madden, who is suffering with cancer, had been taken to Whitesburg Hospital on Friday night. On hearing that she was being transferred to a Lexington hospital Saturday afternoon, the family members gathered and held a circle of prayer for her recovery.

“Those in attendance at our reunion this year were: Virgil and Billie Pridemore Smith, son Roy, and grandson Zack; Don and Corene Pridemore, daughters Bonita Adams and Delana Banks, son Ellis Keith and Lana Pridemore, daughter Amber, and grandson Jonathan Luke (the youngest member of the Pridemore family); Bill and Elva Pridemore Marshall, son Barry Marshall, grandsons Nathan and Tracy Marshall, daughter Adi Jo, son Kailan James, Kevin and Jill Marshall, sons Eli and Ean; Lee and Wilma Pridemore, son Gary and Becky Pridemore, daughter Kelly and Steve Jordon, daughter Hope, Kristy and Jacob Lovell, and Greg Pridemore, daughter Allison, son Mason, grandchildren Hollie, Hannah and Jacob Madden; Ford and Libby Pridemore, Lenville and Cathy Pridemore, sons Chad, Jeffery and Chris, and Darrell and Vicki Pridemore.

“Friends in attendance were Rodney and Geraldine Ison, Larry Caudill, Gillis and Marie Reedy, Lillie Moss Hale, Mary Jo Blair and Tommy Smith.”

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