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Pridemores hold family reunion


On Saturday, Sept. 29, the family of the late Hiram and Ella Pridemore met at the dining hall on the old Stuart Robinson School Campus for our ninth family reunion.

We seven Pridemore children are scatted in Kentucky, Ohio, and one in Illinois, so it is difficult for us all to get together in one place, but with planning we have managed to do so every year since Dad died in 2002.

It was Mother’s prayer that we would love and support each other and stay close as a family, and we have done that.

Our family now totals 85 members. We have been blessed with five new Pridemores this past year. They are: Trace Lovell, Isaiah Ellis Caudill, Derrick Keith Williams, Sadie Gilliam and Eva Laine Marshall. We thank God for each of them.

The day of the reunion was very nice. All seven of Hiram and Ella’s children were able to attend, but the number in attendance was down.

There was plenty of food, and of course we all ate too much. Everyone seemed to enjoy being together and catching up on what was happening in each of our lives.

Those in attendance were: Virgil and Billie Smith, Roy Smith, Bill and Elva Marshall, Lenville and Cathy Pridemore, Chad Pridemore, Chris Pridemore of Ohio, Darrell and Vickie Pridemore of Illinois, Don and Coreen Pridemore, Delana and Bob Banks, Hunter Banks, Lee and Wilma Pridemore, Gary and Becky Pridemore, Holly, Hannah and Jacob Madden, Jordan Holbrook, Greg and Glenna Pridemore, Justin and Weston Pridemore, Mallory Adams, Mitchell and Libby Pridemore, and Kristy and Trace Lovell of Virginia.

We were also honored with our adopted family: Geraldine and Rodney Ison, Gillis and Marie Reedy, Mary Jo Blair, Tommy Smith, Lillie Moss Hale and Linda Cole.

Those who won Bibles this year were Ford Pridemore, adult Bible, and Trace Lovell, the children’s Bible. We thank God for blessing our family this year and allowing us to meet again.

It sounds like everyone had a good time at the Blackey Days Festival and a good crowd attended Saturday. I’m glad to hear that so many came in from out of town to come back to the hometown of their youth.

Don and Coreen Pridemore (Mom and Dad) and I took off early Saturday morning and went to a farm and estate auction at Lancaster. We made a day of it and got home about 8 p.m. with the truck piled high with ‘good old junk.’

Bob Banks opened my shop for a while on Saturday, and was happy to have Jack and Jackie Salyers stop in. Jack is the son of the late Nelson Salyers of Carbon Glow. Sally, daughter of the late Frank and Nannie Blair, stopped by while Jack was there and they ended up tracing their family history back to where they were distant kin on the Wootons from Leslie County’s side.

Bob didn’t make me much money that day, but enjoyed his visitors. Lowell and Tina Banks also stopped by that day.

K.P (Keatzie), Don and Coreen Pridemore and I went early last week to Somerset to the apple orchard, but didn’t get to pick any. The trees were already bare and they didn’t even have Winesaps at Haney’s Apple Barn, so we went to the ‘junk barn’ and visited with Mom’s sister, Juanita and Vince McCrarey.

Richard Smith is doing well after his recent back surgery. He’s out walking around with a cane for steadiness. I saw him going to the horse barn.

Greg and Glenna Pridemore enjoyed a week at the beach recently. It was Glenna’s birthday, but we won’t say how old she was. I think they went to Charleston, S.C. After getting home she had a household shower for Justin Pridemore and Mallory Adams.

We hope Betty Sue Back is feeling better this week, and all who have been having health problems.

Hass Griffie died last week. He had been in Letcher Manor for quite some time. His funeral was held at Cedar Grove on Linefork.

That’s all I have time for, maybe more next week.

Except for one last thing: Shame on anyone who would break in on Junior Banks and his wife, who never hurt anyone. I hope they can catch the guilty ones quickly.

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