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Pridemores mark 60th anniversary

We are officially in springtime and the beautiful blooming trees and flowers are adding their colors to the yards and mountains.

The Letcher Area Homemakers recently met for our March meeting. After discussing our business plans for upcoming meetings and such, we tacked a quilt, stuffed Care Bears for children in the hospital, and shared quilt fabric and pieces from the late Maxie Hampton’s collection.

So many of our members have lost family members since we met last, and our sympathy goes out to them.

A large crowd attended Saturday’s 60th anniversary party for Lee and Wilma Pridemore. The family had the Blackey Community Center decorated nicely, and the food was delicious and Bonnie Adams had made a beautiful cake.


Congratulations to Lee and Wilma!

Also, Glenn and Ann Back of Ohio, formerly of Letcher County, recently celebrated their 60th anniversary.

A memorial service was held at the Isom Presbyterian Church for their longtime member, Ruby Breeding. She recently passed away in the Louisville area, and many were sad to learn of her death.

Every time I saw her she would recall that my mother, Coreen Pridemore, had ridden with her on the bookmobile many years ago. Ruby later worked at the bank.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison are still having health problems, but Rodney was able to attend Blair Branch Church on Saturday evening. All were glad to see him and asked about Geraldine, too.

William “ Dee- Dee” Stamper recently died in Michigan and was brought back home for burial next to his mother, Minnie Adams, in the William C. Adams Cemetery on Blair Branch. He was known and loved by many, both here and in Michigan. Our sympathy to his family.

This Sunday will be Easter, and several local cemeteries will have sunrise services. The Burton Hill Cemetery service will begin at 7 a.m., and all are welcome to attend.

Usually the others begin at 7 a.m., too, and a few others that have it are the Isom Cemetery, Adams Cemetery on Blair Branch, and the Hampton and Dixon Cemetery behind Letcher School.

But since I’m not positive on that, you may check with others and make sure.

Jerry and Bonita Adams, Don and Coreen Pridemore and I all went to Morehead on Sunday for Sadie Gilliam’s fourth birthday party. We left after Blair Branch Church, and enjoyed watching Sadie enjoy herself with friends and family there to wish her a happy day.

Liberty and Noah Campbell drove down earlier and spent the weekend with William, Lyndci and Sadie.

All of us who took our animals to Calvary College on Friday or Saturday appreciate the veterinarians and helpers who came here to have the animal clinic. They were helpful and friendly as is the Radosevich family who manage the Calvary Campus.

Don and Coreen Pridemore will celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary on Easter Sunday, and Rodney and Geraldine Ison have upcoming birthdays, too.

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