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Prina Biggerstaff celebrates birthday


We are still having nice fall weather, but the nights are getting pretty cool. Seems like our seasons go by fast.

Our nephew, Charles Pitts Jr., and his wife, Juanita, of Tennessee, came in for a visit last week. It was good to see them. He was one of the first grandchildren in my parents’ family, so he has been pretty special.

Happy birthday wishes to Mrs. Prina Biggerstaff, who celebrated a birthday along with her family at her home on Cowan. Hope she will be blessed with many more. These birthdays seem to come around faster as you get older.

We are having a revival and thanksgiving service at Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church this week. Everyone is welcome.

Many people are busy going and coming, oftentimes too busy to let us know what is going on. Your friends would love to hear from you. I stay pretty busy but not near as much as I used to be.

My niece, Elizabeth Fairchild, attended the Little Dove Church at Eolia, where she is now a member. Bert and I attended there often when he was here. It has been there for many years. I believe Kentucky has more churches than any other state. This is something to be proud of. You won’t go far until you find a church.

We extend sympathy to Tilda Fields and family in the death of her sister, Victoria Frazier.

Several Cowan Homemakers attended the 75th annual meeting of the Quicksand Area Homemakers held at the Letcher County Extension Office with eight counties participating. They were happy to see Judy Adams Gilley, formerly of Cowan, who is a Homemaker in Perry County.

Joe and Linda Brown of Mississippi, spent a few days with his mother, Virginia Brown, and family. They like to come in October when it is so colorful. Though we had less color this year, they did find some beautiful views on Little Shepherd Trail and in Lillie Cornett Woods. They also enjoyed seeing the site of the Civil War battle reenactment. On Saturday, Stephen Brown, his daughter Brittany, and her twin toddlers, Braden and London, also visited.

We are sorry to hear of the death of a former neighbor, Paul Fields. He was the son of the late Silas and Ora Fields.

Tori and Rusty Akers and their daughters, Callie and Ella, visited with John and Barbara Banks over the weekend.

All the neighbors and relatives of Verna and Chester Rayburn are happy to have them back in their house on Little Cowan Creek, at least part time. Welcome back.

Mr. Billy Don Lucas celebrated his birthday Nov. 4 with visits from Carol and J.T. Caudill, Midge Banks, Aunt Virginia, Doris Banks and Anna Yonts. He also received phone calls from friends and kinfolk.

Linda and Don Lucas recently visited Winston-Salem, N.C., to attend a Davie County, N.C., football game, which was cancelled because of rain. Their granddaughter, Katie Callahan, is a Davie County cheerleader.

Carol and J.T. Caudill went to Cherokee Lake to celebrate their 16th anniversary and to celebrate Carol’s birthday.

There was a quilt tacking last week at Cowan Community Center. Attending were Ella Preston, Bessie Day, Billie Ann Gilley, Zelma Lou Banks, Jeanette Dollarhyde, Ruth Shackleford, Anna Yonts, Virginia Brown, Doris Banks, and two new tackers they were happy to welcome, Patty Majority and Beverly Rogers. They had completed two quilts by lunchtime. The group will be meeting several times this fall and winter and would be happy to have anyone who would like to come. They always have lunch and a good time visiting.

We are thankful to have the community center available for our use. The building has been dressed up with new roofing, new paint, and other improvements. It is a pleasant and convenient place to gather.

Aidan Elijah was born Oct. 31 to Adam and Sara Caudill of Cleveland, Ga. Grandparents are Robert Caudill of Cowan, and Debbie Collins of Thornton. He is the great-grandson of Bob and Ramona Caudill, and the greatgreat grandson of the late Cassel and Beulah Caudill.

Our nephew, Eddie Pitts, and his wife, Donna, of Oklahoma, recently came in for a visit. It was good to see them. Eddie is a volunteer tax aide for AARP and prepares income tax returns every year for those needing assistance. Donna is a sewing volunteer for Sew Much Comfort, a national service project organized to provide adaptive clothing without cost to our injured servicemen. Anyone who desires to do so can find a way to help with this very worthwhile project at www.sewmuchcomfort.com. We always enjoy their visits.

I have run out of time for news. Love and best wishes to all.

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