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Principal is leaving, wants McRoberts kids to ‘reach for dreams’

To the Editor:

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every parent, student, and employee of the Jenkins Independent School District for the opportunity to work in your wonderful school system.

I, like many others, have felt blessed to work for and with such exceptional people. Even though I have truly enjoyed my time here, I do feel that since I am expecting a child, personal choices have to be made. I will be leaving Jenkins to be closer to my home and my child. It is a personal choice for my family.

Professionally, Jenkins has my heart. I will continue to work with this district in many ways. I want to assure you that the school of McRoberts will continue to flourish and progress. There is a wonderful new staff on board as well as an outstanding preschool opening up this school year. All programs and community endeavors will continue. The school is established, and I trust that the employees I have recruited will continue to lead students in the right direction.

Jenkins Independent School Board and Superintendent Watts are confident that as a whole we have a strong foundation and will only continue to improve. Please feel confident that all is well in our school system. I will be in constant contact to ensure that.

To my students in particular, I love and adore each one of you. Remember to work hard, be kind to others, and smile. Your life is so bright and full that I know that you will continue to do what I have taught you. I will always be there for you. I am very fond of what a great place McRoberts and Jenkins is. Continue to reach for those dreams.

Again, let me take the time to thank you again for being so welcoming and warm to me. When I arrived at McRoberts, I had a clear vision to improve the school, recruit quality teachers, and bring hope to a community that needed it. I feel that we have accomplished that goal. Every teacher and employee in the building is very aware of the high expectations, rigorous instruction, and desire to be there for every child every day. This is a requirement of anyone associated with our school. It will always continue to be that way. The teachers are busy working now ensuring that the best is given and will continue to be given. I assure you that we will continue to do great things at Jenkins. Be confident that your child will have a superb education. The teachers and employees at McRoberts are diamonds. Your children will be in wonderful hands.

KRISTIE COLLETT Assistant Principal Jenkins Independent School District

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