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Printers were like my family

When I reported into a new base, my name was put on the top of the housing list because of the job I had. I was not only the noncommissioned officer on that base, I was in charge of all the printing in our command of many bases.

I always thought I had the best job on base. I had the best boss and printers in the Air Force. When I went to one of the other bases to check the printing department out, most of the printers there had been trained by me. I’ve been told they were the best in the Air Force. I was so proud of them. I made sure these young men and women never had to do any extra duties. These people were like my family.

When I was assigned to the Pentagon, all seven of my printers had worked for me before on one of the bases we served on.

They hated to see me retire. There were a lot of tears in my office when I walked out the door.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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