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Prison or not, Roxana may still get water lines

Though possibility of a federal prison being located at Roxana is on hold indefinitely, the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands has indicated that it will support the use of existing funds for the prison being used to construct waterlines in the Roxana area.

Plans have been revised to include work on the portion of the main line along Kentucky Highway 7, as well as upgrades on an existing pump booster station. Water storage tanks and a meter connection for the prison will not be included in this phase of the project. Plans for the work will be forwarded to both the Kentucky Division of Water and the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands for a construction and environmental review.

The Board of Directors of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District received the news at its April meeting, which was conducted online. Alan Bowman of Bell Engineering told the board that with the prison project in limbo, AML has designated currently available funds for extending lines and pump stations in the Route 7 area. He added that crossing permits for CSX Railroad have been prepared and are ready to submit, along with submissions to the Kentucky Division of Water and AML. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has also reviewed the plans. The Corps’ comments, along with their final review, will be included with the final draft.

Standard drawings of the intake and intake pump for a proposed wastewater treatment plant for the prison and surrounding area have also been forwarded to the Corps, and are under review. The Kentucky River Area Development District is working on environmental studies for the project, and source sampling is ongoing. The district is waiting for sample documents from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Agency in order to finalize the USDA’s Performance Partnership Grant.

In other business, the Opinion of Probable Cause and Project Map for Phase IV of the Cumberland River Water Project have been updated to reflect potential changes for an interconnect with City of Cumberland waterlines. The project profile has been updated and submitted to KRADD to forward to the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. The Rural Community Assistance Partnership and Bell Engineering are working with the USDA and Appalachian Regional Commission to get funds originally allocated for Phase I of the Cumberland River Project re-allocated to Phase IV.

An agreement among Bizzack Construction, the Letcher County Water and Sewer District, and the Kentucky Department of Transportation has been signed for relocating the waterline out of the construction area around the Craft’s Colly bridge construction project. Greg Hale LLC, a Letcher County construction company, will do the work. Construction is scheduled to begin this week. Costs for the relocation will be reimbursed by the Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation.

Plans for part of a waterline interconnect at Deane have been submitted to AML for review. Because the project supports a previous AML project, AML is has indicated it is inclined to fund the work. Some parts of the project will not require state Division of Water approval but plans for the line portion of the project will have to be submitted to DOW for review.

A list of district projects has been developed and submitted to KRADD for inclusion in a proposed stimulus package. The projects include the Cumberland River Project, the Gordon/Highway 510 project, Phase III of the Red Star project, and the Millstone Sewer rehabilitation project. The profiles for each project are being updated.

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