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Since the time I first put the story in the local paper about the Department of Fish and Wildlife putting in the possum crossing down the road from where we live, a lot of changes have taken place.

Before, just a few of us would go down, usually on a Saturday night. We would build a fire and cook out and bet on the possums making it across the road or not. All In Fun

But since the story in the paper, you can hardly get a place to park or build a fire, or hardly find a place to stand.

Not all the changes are good, either. Some people have started bringing barbeque grills and even coolers. One fellow wanted to bring a food booth and start selling hamburgers and hot dogs, and the fellow who owns the field beside the possum crossing has started thinking about charging admission.

It’s all just getting way too modern. And all the modern stuff is bringing in some of the bad element. Just last Saturday night they had some trouble down there.

Some of the local boys had started bringing their own possums down to the crossing. When the action was slow out on the road, they would race them on the side and bet on the fastest possum.

My brother Gid had a big house cat. He shaved its tail so it would look like a possum, and he was winning every race he bet on. He was really cleaning up until somebody stepped on his homemade possum.

The cat let out a ‘meow,’ and for a few minutes it looked like it was going to be either fight or run.

It’s just getting way, way too modern.

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