Whitesburg KY

Prom night can turn into a tragedy

The flowers are blooming, the trees are getting a new coat, the birds are singing, the redbuds and dogwood trees are in full bloom. Gardens are being planted and spring fever abounds at this time. It is all so beautiful and a gift from God for us to enjoy.

In spite of all the beauty around us there is also a dread. It is prom time again, and as always there will be much sadness during and after prom night due to things which transpire.

The kids have worked hard, some because they really want to make a difference in their lives, some because of a reward from their parents or relatives. Either way they have made it to the finish line. But some will not live past prom night. If they get a new vehicle as their reward many will want to see how fast it will go or what stunts they can do with it, only to end up a casualty. Some will experiment with drugs and alcohol. But some will just enjoy prom night to the fullest and are ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead with an open mind.

Some place I used to pass during my travels in my jobs was a small cemetery on a hill with one grave marker. It was fenced and looked neatly kept. Just outside the fence was what looked like 1954 blue and white Chevrolet car. The front was all mangled but the back part wasn’t even dented. I spotted it because the sun was reflecting off the chrome on the car. This was in the early ’70s. At first I figured the car belonged to a soldier, but people usually put a flag at their graves so I guessed it was a youngster who thought a lot of the car and his or her family had it put near them. For whatever the reason there was a car and only one grave which caused me to do a lot of speculating. I can’t even remember what county I was in but it really doesn’t matter anyway.

I figured it must have been some youngster’s grave and car but who knows? It could have been a grandma or grandpa. But as I stated, it caused me to do a lot of speculating. It could have been what was left of a prom night, too.

There is no telling how many years the car had been there and it was none of my business anyway. It was in a pasture so there were no weeds around the car or the cemetery.

Anyway, I’m proud of all the graduates and sincerely hope they will keep going and not stop with high school. There are opportunities available now which didn’t exist years ago. I finished my studies and got my degree in 1999 at age 57, so please don’t do as I did. I had a lot of fun but I think it would have been a lot easier when I was just a shade younger and right now I feel awful old and sometimes I ache in places I didn’t realize I had.

Well, that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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