Whitesburg KY

Proof we are never too old to learn

Struttin’ Time:

We never, I repeat, never get too old to learn.

I learned some really good news this week while in a meeting with my friend, Cecil Adkins, owner of Voodoo Custom Calls. Cecil said he was sorry to read in Struttin’ Time that I would not be buying a Kentucky hunting and fishing license this season because of the projected rate increase. He told me that after reading Struttin’ Time he decided to see if he could still buy his license at the old price. Sure enough, he could, and got his 2018-2019 license at the old price.

So when I returned home I looked into buying my license and got it at the five-dollar price.

Now just in case any of Struttin’ Time readers wonder, had I not bought a license I would not hunt. Of course the ones who know me well know I will not violate our laws just to hunt, no way and for no reason.

So, for at least one more year, I have in my little hands a 2018 Kentucky hunting and fishing license. While I had an hour-and- 15-minute meeting with Cecil, I was thrilled that my friend Wesley Doughman came by. I have always liked to be around Wesley, and have seen the years slip by as our friendship withstands the test of time.

I then saw my friend Connie Sturgill, the daughter of my best friend Raymond “Pap” Brown. She informed me “Pap” was very sick again, so I made it a point to stop and see him. I could feel and see him light up as Mrs. Brown let me in. Pap and myself have been through it all together. I love this family. We went from saving a woman’s life when she wrecked on Highway 15 South to getting sued by the same lady for ruining her fur coat by laying her in antifreeze. (I am sorry, but Pap and I weren’t interested where we put her, we were interested in saving her life).

Pap and I were also the last two original members of the Letcher County Kids Day Committee. What a friendship we have had. Pap told me our dear friend and partner in crime, Jerry Barker, has also been very sick. You know, I don’t have a clue as to when, where or how the three of us will ride off into the sunset, but I was thinking it would be nice if we rode off together.

Jerry, sorry I never had time to visit you, but I will, hopefully soon. Pap, hang in there. We have a wedding to attend in September. Visiting with old lifelong friends, wow.

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