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Property brother visits Whitesburg

Well, we have had quite a scare with Mom’s health the last few weeks. But, I think she may be okay now. We saw a cardiologist that didn’t like her heart rate being as low as it is and has been for years.

He changed her medicines around and I don’t think her heart liked his ideas one bit. We saw her doctor, Dr. Kitty Gish, and I think she has her straightened back out now. Help us pray that this takes care of her problems.

Thank you so much, Wendell and Alicia Cook. Mom couldn’t ask for better neighbors. I saw in The Mountain Eagle last week where Alicia is being honored as the Outstanding Friend of Jenkins at the Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival scheduled for August 23-25. Along with all her other roles in our community, she is a licensed Diabetic Educator.

Alicia Cook posted this on Facebook: “There will be a presentation on Diabetic Educators and how they can help patients and providers understand the best plan of care for those with Diabetes. The class is in the Caizzi room of Whitesburg ARH on Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m. The presenter is Jennifer Dixon, a Certified Diabetic Educator.” Contact Alicia Cook if you have questions.

I also saw on Facebook where one of the brothers from HGTV’s series, Property Brothers, stopped in Whitesburg and ate at the new restaurant, The Doghead Dough. There were many different pictures people posted with him. Then, this was posted under the Benham Schoolhouse Inn’s Facebook page:

“It’s been an honor hosting Mr. Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers and his team this week at the Benham Schoolhouse Inn! Our owner, Travis, had the opportunity to share with him and his crew the history of the Inn, how it was built by International Harvester for the coal camp kids, and all the stages it has gone through to date. These folks were definitely a pleasure to have!”


Cathy Ingram came by Senior Citizens and told us something else that was happening in Letcher County. A new community kitchen will be opening Aug. 30 in the old Whitesburg High School cafeteria. Community Agricultural Nutritional Enterprises, Inc. will host its grand opening.

The City of Whitesburg Farmers Market will be open that day at 10 a.m. I can’t wait to see what all this entails. I hope the high school buildings will be able to be utilized to improve our city and county.

I love that we can go to the Farmers Market and get fresh vegetables and I have heard there will be a cannery in one of these buildings. When we were growing up we always had garden vegetables aplenty. Serving sizes were not even thought about at the Tacket table. Until the bowls and platters were empty we could have all we wanted. My sister Delores and I were talking about this just this past week. A really funny story about that came up. Once when Daddy was in the hospital we were all there when they brought him his first dinner. He put that one little slice of butter they used to bring you between those two pieces of wax paper on his potatoes and in five minutes cleaned his plate. Then he started drinking his coffee and said, “Well, I can tell you right now if that was a serving I know what’s wrong with me!” You know it’s true, if we could stop at one serving we would surely be a whole lot healthier.

Okay, one more thing I saw on Facebook that I thought was an interesting conversation. A plum granny, anybody ever heard of that? Mom and Dad had a few when we were growing up and they loved to smell of them but I don’t ever remember them eating them. They would lay them around on the countertops just to make the house smell like that. I thought Mom and Dad were calling them pomegranate. So, when I got older and actually saw a pomegranate and its insides I figured out they must not have been saying pomegranate because that’s isn’t how their pomegranate looked or smelled. I had forgotten all about this until I saw this post on Facebook. I learn something new every day. Mom says she does too, but she can’t remember what she “learnt”.

Please remember Oma Hatton’s family. It has been one year since Oma passed away. Also, her sisters, Louise Shepherd and Kathleen Brock, passed away last year, too.

Remember our pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy. Rick Collins and his wife and family still desire our prayers, and also Merlene Day.

Our church, Letcher Independent Baptist, will be having a Camp Meeting Aug. 26-27 at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited and welcome.

Also remember how Oma always ended. Try to be in church Sunday and I say if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week, God expects you to be there. So does your pastor and church family.

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