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Proud moments



Kentucky’a Dermontti Dawson, and Western Kentucky University graduate Claire Donahue arrived at signature moments last Saturday.

Dawson took his place in the NFL Hall of Fame at Canton next to warriors who dazzled in their day, even if they limp a little these days.

Ever popular with his fellows in Lexington and Bryan Station High on to a dozen years in Pittsburgh, Dawson is the newest Man of Canton to have a bronzed likeness parked among the legends we recognize by a mere word or two – Mean Joe and Franco, Butkus and Blanda, Johnny U., Broadway Joe and Night Train, and the list goes on.

Congratulations to Double-D.

For Donahue we shift to London and her butterfly leg in qualifying that helped Team USA set a new world record and win gold in the 400-meter medley relay last Saturday. A moment for the ages.

Donahue’s gold medal has become all the buzz at Huck Finn’s Catfish place in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., where her father Chris told a Knoxville television reporter, “It’s hard to describe. I don’t know if there are really words for it.”

Former UK football great Dermontti Dawson was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame Aug. 4. (AP)

Former UK football great Dermontti Dawson was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame Aug. 4. (AP)

Cherry on top? Donahue’s gold medal came on her mother’s birthday.

And, Huck Finn owner Karen Moore reported the Claire Donahue Special: Fish and Chips, “is selling very well. I’m hoping if I get some time pretty soon I can put it on the actual menu.”

Best of the best? Tribute, dadto daughter, “You’ve done good,” he said. “Great attitude, great heart in the whole process, so proud to be your dad, so proud you represented this country so well.”

Donahue’s future? She has already set sights on the Rio de Janeiro Olympiad in 2016.

Grand weekend for Kentucky. Dawson’s Hall of Fame induction brings to mind Hall of Fame favorites of mine – Adrian Smith (Farmington), 2010; Mary T. Meagher (Louisville), 2010; PeeWee Reese (Ekron), 1984, and Frank Ramsey (Dixon) in 1982.

Joker Phillips Endorsement

Anemic ticket sales, a two touchdown underdog for its season opener at Lousiville, and pre- dictions that Kentucky will win zero SEC games, the Wildcats’ ball coach could be in for a Nightmare Autumn.

I hope not. Good people deserve every chance. Before the on-field firing starts, and before “Fellowship of the Miserable” takes the safe route via radio to air its frustration, here’s one vote of support for Joker Phillips.

Whatever ticket sales numbers, the University of Kentucky ought to honor its contract and more. Before the Governor’s Cup the school president should issue a very public vote of confidence for his ball coach.

One vote for support for Phillips can count on to come? Louisville coach Charlie Strong.

Why should fans rally round Phillips? The integrity and texture of what he says.

1. Reporter-coach exchange at last week’s media session.

Question: “ You talk about the quality of kid you’re bringing in. How do you anticipate that carrying over to the playing field in terms of success?”

Phillips: “It matters, trust me, it matters the type of kids you have. Can you trust them? Can we trust you? … Are they committed? Are they committed to doing the things right all the time? … If I’m a corner(back) and I’m supposed to line up 12 yards inside the receiver, I’ve got to line up 12 yards, not seven yards, 12 yards! … We’re bringing kids into this program (who) are willing to do things right all the time.”

2. Take away Twitter. Phillips had no compunction nor hesitation in banning players from using the distracting and pesky nuisance through August 15. Here is a lesson in selfdiscipline. Players could “sneak” and text … or not.

3. This team reminds Phillips of the 2006 Wildcats.

“(Among) our top 44 players are 26 sophomores and red-shirt freshmen” … not counting incoming freshmen.

“In ‘06, there were 24, not counting Braxton Kelly and those guys< (who) stepped into starting roles. We feel like a couple of these linebackers could possibly do (that) and add even more depth. It also reminds me of some senior and junior leaders, Collins Ukwu, Larry Warford, Taylor Wyndham, Matt Smith, Morgan Newton, Mikie Benton, Tay Neloms, Mister Cobble, and Donte Rumph.”

“Leadership at the top and the talent at the bottom reminds me of the ‘06 team.”

History tells us: In summer 2006 fans were howling for the head of former Coach Rich Brooks. Fire him! Brooks’s first three UK teams finished 4-8, 2-9 and 3-8 including three losses to UofL.

Kentucky opened 2006 at Louisville, was hammered 59-28, then went on to an 8-5 record capped by a 28- 20 win over Clemson in the Music City Bowl.

Brooks had gone from hot seat to hot item doing television commercials, back-slapping with alums, recruiting was up, and snarky “UK is a basketball school” went mute. Four years from his hiring, Brooks was declared The Man, a genius, a savior and second coming of Bear Bryant.

Next? Brooks grinned, turned to Joker Phillips and said, “Your turn.”

And so it goes.

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