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Proud of Coaltown Boys

To the Editor:

Eastern Kentucky has many things to be proud of. The scenery is unsurpassed by anyplace you want to visit and the people in eastern Kentucky really believe in taking care of their own.

Somewhere in our area nearly every weekend there is a benefit for someone in need, mostly cancer patients. And I know firsthand just how much that means to my own son and I will forever be grateful. We try to attend as many benefits as we can.

At nearly all of these special events you will find this exceptional musical group “The Coaltown Boys.” They are not only gifted, they are a special breed to donate their time and talent to help their fellow man.

Coaltown is a progressive bluegrass group whose heart and soul is found in the coal towns of eastern Kentucky. The band consists of Josh Slone, Lyndall Adams, Shane Moore, and Nicky Joe Johnson.

Josh Slone is lead singer and guitar player. He doesn’t need the guitar to sound good; he has the most beautiful voice. Josh is from Knott County. He is a family man with a beautiful wife and two young children.

Lyndall Adams, their awesome banjo player, is a family man with two children. Lyndall is from Floyd County and also sings baritone.

Shane Moore is their bass player. He is also a family man with a young daughter. Shane is from Maytown in Floyd County.

Nicky Joe Johnson, tenor singer and mandolin player, is a very talented young man from Neon in Letcher County.

These talented young men span quite a distance in eastern Kentucky.

Coaltown is reviewing received offers from nationally known record labels and is in the process of signing record deals upon completion of their very first CD coming out in January, 2009.

The CD contains all original material written by songwriter Mike Wells, who is awesome. He says he paints pictures with words, and I believe him because the song “Daddies Don’t Cry” will bring tears to your eyes. It is written and sung with such passion.

Coaltown’s single, “Better Off Blind”, was selected by the Prime Cuts of Bluegrass Committee for a slot on 96 Edition.

This Prime Cuts CD came out November 15 and will be going out to every bluegrass DJ worldwide. “Better Off Blind” is a great ballad song which is also included on Coaltown’s first CD.

Everyone could help this group by calling into their local bluegrass DJ and requesting their songs.

Coaltown’s website is: http:// www.Myspace.com/Coaltown. Here you will find out the very latest information about the group. Listen in on some of their songs and find out the dates and times where Coaltown will be performing.

As I’ve said before, I am really proud of this group from eastern Kentucky. They are the best of the best.

I would hope our local people will get behind this group. Let us support our own.

The County Gentleman on WMMT 88.7 plays their music daily.

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