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Quarantine scofflaws put us all at risk

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A recent local party was so loud it could be heard nearly a quarter mile away. A curious neighbor got in his car and went to investigate. He reported back that it was a very large gathering of young people in an alley, music echoing off the brick walls, not a mask to be seen, nor any social distancing. The neighbor did a quick calculation and estimated that the crowd had many times more than the restrictions allow. A call to the police netted this sad truth: They really don’t care.

The alley party the other night does not bode well for the coming fall. It’s highly likely they were college students, celebrating a return to school. The next days they were in the grocery stores stocking up. (Thankfully there is at least one store in town that insists on the wearing of masks and spacing in lines. The other one’s stated policy is that they are not the police.)

We see on the news that tens of thousands of young people are frolicking together on the beach … and we know the outcomes of those interactions. The virus is going to flourish in those environments, and it will spread even more than it already has, forcing us to stay locked down even longer.

While it’s not smart to personally approach those who are violating the rules, we can make calls. Let the store managers know you won’t be shopping in their stores unless they enforce mask and distance rules. Get your neighbors and friends to call as well. Let the town council know the police are not responsive, as well as retail and dining establishments that allow flouting of the rules.

Those are a few things we can safely do.

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