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Queso dip great when fresh corn is still around

This photo shows hot corn queso dip in New York. This dish is from a recipe by Katie Workman. (Lucy Beni via AP)

This photo shows hot corn queso dip in New York. This dish is from a recipe by Katie Workman. (Lucy Beni via AP)

I’ve always loved the saying, “everything in moderation, including moderation.” This is how I think about cooking and eating in general; I usually like to cook and eat pretty healthily, but sometimes I like to just roll around in cream and butter and cheese. And not low fat cheese.

This hot queso dip is that kind of recipe. But look . there’s corn in it too! And scallions! And you can sprinkle radishes on top! That’s kind of healthy.

Maybe we should just call this “Hot Corn Dip.” Or, “Hot Corn Dip That’s So Good You Might Cry a Little, But Not in an Undignified Way.”

Yes, definitely, absolutely make this when fresh corn is still around. It’s a lovely way to use up those ears of corn that seem to be exploding in the markets from July through September. And even though the corn is of course slightly smothered in cheese and creaminess, you can still taste that sweet, clean flavor.

But don’t be shy about using frozen corn off-season, either. Did I mention that it’s smothered in cheesy creaminess?

Topping the sultry mixture with some slivered radishes and additional scallions adds more color and crunch and a welcome pop of freshness. I also have added some pickled jalapenos on the top, in case you’d like to bump up the heat.

Basically, you should feel free to poke around in your fridge and find whatever you think would add some color, crunch, heat, texture, etc., and sprinkle that thing all over this dip.

Servings: 8
Start to finish: 30 minutes
2 cups fresh or frozen and
thawed corn kernels
1 cup half and half or whole

milk (or a combo)
2 teaspoons pureed chipotle
in adobo
1 tablespoon canola, vegetable
or olive oil
4 scallions, white and light
green parts, thinly sliced
2 cups (1/2 pound) shredded
Monterey Jack cheese
Julienned radishes, sliced scallions, and/or chopped pickled
jalapenos to sprinkle on top (optional) Tortilla chips or pita chips to

In a food processor or a blender, pulse the corn with the milk
and chipotle puree until it becomes a coarse puree.
Preheat the broiler. Heat a
heavy, medium-size skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium
high heat. Add the oil, then add
the 4 sliced scallions and stir for
about 3 minutes, until they become tender. Add the corn puree
and the cheese, and stir frequently until everything is blended and
the cheese is melted, about 4
minutes. Transfer the pan to the
broiler for about 1 minute until
the top is nicely browned. Let
it sit for a couple of minutes to
thicken up a bit.
Sprinkle on the radishes, scallions and jalapenos as desired
and serve in the skillet, warning
everyone to mind the hot pan.
Serve with the tortilla chips.

Nutrition information per
serving: 175 calories; 106 calories
from fat; 12 g fat (6 g saturated; 0 g
trans fats); 28 mg cholesterol; 210
mg sodium; 10 g carbohydrate; 1
g fiber; 4 g sugar; 9 g protein.

Katie Workman has written
two cookbooks focused on easy,
family-friendly cooking, “Dinner Solved!” and “The Mom 100
Cookbook.” She blogs at http://
www.themom100.com/aboutkatie workman. She can be
reached at Katie@themom100.

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