Whitesburg KY

Quilters at work on Dorothy York’s quilt

Ermine senior citizens have sure turned out good this past week. We had an average of about 60 each day. We were glad to see each other.

Vina Lucas’s sister Josephine Spangler came and visited and had supper with her. Vina was pleased because she hadn’t seen her during all the bad weather.

One of our senior citizens died. It was Charlie Crase. He came to our center for years before he got sick.

Our quilters are finally back quilting. They are quilting on Dorothy York’s quilt. Dorothy is sick and not able to help right now. Hang in there, Dorothy, and you’ll soon be back.

Doris Bentley is coming back to the center. She had back surgery and is doing great. Joe was sure glad to get away from the house. (Probably didn’t want to do housework.)

Bob Mayhew was in Georgia during the bad weather but is back home now.

We have seniors already signed up for the Senior Games. Also, our sweet lady Ruby Caudill has signed up to be a cheerleader. Way to go, Ruby. We have had four to sign up so far.

John and Debbie Ann Adams have gone on a trip, probably to Tennessee. Hope John doesn’t get Ann lost down there. But Ann will take care of John and get him on the right road.

We’re hoping to go on a shopping trip next month if the weather is good.

Oma Hatton, it was good to see you back last week.

Not much news to write about this month as we didn’t do much. Betty Pike and some other senior play the Wii game and our preacher Rhuford Hart is working a puzzle. Hope no one tears it apart for him like the last one he was working on.

Our dining room sure looks pretty with the new rug, tables and chairs. Next project is the quilting room. Clean the floors and get us a new couch.

It won’t be long until we can work in our flowerbeds as we have some flowers already coming up. Hurry up, spring, and get here.

Seniors, come and join us as we need you.

So long. God bless until next time.

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