Whitesburg KY
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Partly cloudy

Quilters at work

Hello again. How is everything in your world? At the center we are always making plans and keeping busy.

Tuesday we quilted. I had a beautiful top on the frames to be tacked. They finished it Tuesday and I am going I am going to try to hem it.

So many of our ladies aren’t feeling well. They decided to stay in until they felt better. With family coming in, I am sure they wanted to feel their best for them.

I had a houseful for Thanksgiving and enjoyed every minute of it. Some of our family live too far away to get together as often as we would like. I hope everyone was surrounded by family and loved ones.

For so many years I had only my children for the holidays. Now there are grandchildren, a sister, nieces and nephews around, and I love it.

Until next week, love one another, be sure to hug those you love and tell them you love them. It is one phrase that you can’t say enough.

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