Whitesburg KY

Quilters working at Ermine Center

Hello sunshine, goodbye to snow.

I hope all you seniors are glad to see the sunshine instead of all that you know what. I don’t want to mention the name too much as it may come back.

We at Ermine Center had another great week. Most of all our seniors showed up the past week, and the quilters got to quilt a few days.

Norma Toler wasn’t there as she isn’t doing too well. I hope you get okay, Norma, and get back real soon.

Loraine Kuracka is helping quilt now and she’s a great quilter.

Senior citizens were going to Frankfort, but the trip will be over when this news comes out so I’ll write about it next week.

We are planning a great party for next week. So all you ladies and gents too, dress up in your greens and look real pretty. We’ll have food galore. So bring your favorite dish and come along all of you recycled teenagers, and let’s have fun, lots of fun like we always do.

Our site manager Debbie Slone, along with three or four sisters, went shopping last week in Pikeville. They were treating her to another birthday dinner. Not fair, Deb, two birthdays in the same year. And presents, too.

Ralph Hall, we’re still watching the door to see you walk in.

Betty Newman, where are you? Are you and Jack on another honeymoon?

We sure are glad to see Jack and Sue Stallard. They come every day from Seco. Also Joe and Doris Bentley, Ed and Betty Pike.

Juanita Wampler of Ohio visited with us last Friday. She’s a sister of Pauline Adams. It was good to see Pauline there too.

Yvonne Hammock, I’m glad you brought that (old) young man with you. What’s his name? I’m not print- ing it because I might get whipped.

March Madness is March 26 at Kingscreek Center. We always have a good time there.

So Ermine seniors, get out your blue and white to wear and dress up real pretty and come along. See you there.

So God bless until next time.

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