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Quilting club meets at Carcassonne

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, Ked Sanders, Bessie Shepherd, Jason Adams and I drove across the mountain to the Carcassonne Community Center to hang a Barn Quilt square on the center that Bessie Shepherd had painted with some help from Ked.

Thesquare was beautiful, and Ked hung it on the front of the community center with help from Jason Adams and Dale Johnson. It looked wonderful.

The ladies were quilting inside with several different quilts on frames. These ladies amaze me. They are so talented and all of the quilts are quilted so perfectly and beautifully.

Ruby Caudill and Ella Mae Fugate are the original members of this Wednesday quilting club that started over 40 years ago, and they show each other such humor and respect.

I think maybe that is why it is still going on.

We were lucky that day, as it was their birthday dinner. Theyhave a dinner for each one of their members, and that day it was Freda Combs’s birthday and we were invited to eat with them.

What a treat that was. Ella Mae Fugate made chicken and dumplings, my favorite. Ruby Caudill made green beans that she had grown in her garden and put in the freezer and had cooked and brought them to the dinner. We all agree they were the best we had eaten.

You have to know that these ladies are all in their 80s and 90s, and they are still very active in their community and their knowledge and memory are so wonderful.

Someone should write a book about their lives. We could all learn many things from these two ladies. I so admire them.

They were talking about the UK basketball tournament and gardening. Ruby had already planted her peas.

Present that day at the Quilting Club were Ruby Caudill, Ella Mae Fugate, Sue Jent, Mary Jane Back and her adorable little grandson, Von Hall and her husband Danny who prayed a beautiful prayer over the food, Loretta Henrickson, Dale Johnson, Ray and Martha Hite of Hazard, Margaret Brown, Clara Shepherd, Jason Adams and Doris Adams.

The menu was Ella Mae’s chicken and dumplings, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, pea salad, coleslaw, fried chicken, rolls, chocolate brownies, ice cream and fruit salad.

The food was wonderful, and these people make you feel so welcome.

Ruby enjoys showing you every room in the old building, and telling you all the improvements that had been done over the years.

The building is as neat as can be, and very well kept. This community is proud of their center and the history that goes with it.

I hope they can keep it going another 40 years.

Once you visit you will want to come back to their Quilting Club or their square dances they have once a month during the spring, summer and fall, and stay awhile.

It’s just a good place to be, at the Carcassonne Community Center, and I thank you all for inviting us over.

We will come again.

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