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Race is tribute to car sponsor

Greetings everyone. The weather has begun to give us a little bit of a break in the heat as we head into fall. It was quite an eventful weekend.

The Bluegrass Speedway held its last race on Saturday night. The street stocks race was the Bob Jones Tribute race. Bob lost his battle with cancer Sept. 9, and had supported both his sons and sponsored them. Both number 44’s were on the track during that race with the Bob Jones Motorsports emblems on them.

Sam Jones also had a chair embroidered with a memoriam to his father and sat it at the back of the car hauler with Bob’s photograph

Rob Jones blew his engine in lap 4, and the winner was Avral Thompson out of Loretto. This was also the last race of the season, and Avral took the top position in the points for the year, as well.

Avral and his wife stopped by and invited everyone working on the Bob Jones pit crew to attend a celebration on their farm in Loretto afterward. However, a few of us declined.

A lot of people came out for the tribute race, and I saw several teachers that have worked with the kids over the years. I hadn’t been to a racetrack in about 16 years, and I had not attended a race here in Bardstown since moving here almost seven years ago. I got to attend with Howie Morine and his friend, Keith, as they are honorary members of the pit crew.

Everybody seemed to have a good time except for the lady who was asked to leave the pit area because she had brought alcohol into the area, and that is not allowed in the pits. She was escorted to the area of general admission bleachers.

The construction on the streets in downtown has resumed, though it had halted during the Bourbon Festival. They have completely torn up the sidewalk in the circle around the old courthouse in Courthouse Square. Around our main street, which is 3rd Street, and the old Talbot Tavern on West Stephen Foster Ave. It is a mess and there are lots of detours to avoid it.

At the moment I’m on the opposite side, so I don’t have to go through the construction to get to the places that I need to go. If I have to go downtown to get to school or otherwise, I take alternate routes on side streets.

I’m lucky I’ve learned that around here there are lots of ways in and out of a particular area.

On Sunday, the man I’m dating and I went his friend’s house to watch the Miami Dolphins play football on the Sunday Ticket. Dale and Jessica are hardcore Dolphins fans and have one entire room dedicated to them, with bobble heads and figurines and a huge fathead on the wall.

For those who don’t know what a fathead is, it is a sticker that is almost as big as one wall of a Dolphin’s helmet.

If I recall the commercials correctly, you can also get a lifesize “Wallie” or “fathead” of a specific player.

Howie and I are Chicago Bears fans. I have been since the ‘80s, and Howie grew up in Illinois. Like me, he is a ‘transplant’ in Bardstown, and I have one-year seniority on him here in the area.

Bardstown city schools will take a two-week break for fall break and fall intercession, beginning Oct. 4. The kids have a choice of also attending enrichment classes for the week of intercession. It helps to give them a grade bonus, or to just have that extra credit.

A stomach virus has been sweeping through town and my son, John, had it last week. Today he didn’t go to school and Jerrica was suffering when she came home this morning. I’m hoping it won’t last long, and I think the other two kids have already had it, so hopefully and prayerfully we are done with it.

Prayer requests this week include Jim and Angie Hardesty, Johnny Grill, June Clark, Kathy Beavers, Becky Gordon, Jerrica Rayburn and Tate and Inez Hampton.

It looks like that’s all the news for this week. I’ll keep an ear out for things around town as it’s that time of year when you’re driving around and see license plates from nearly every state.

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