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Rain, flash floods hit southern Ohio

Hello everyone! Are you staying dry in your little corner of the world? This little corner of the Ohio Valley area sure has been hit hard with rain and flash floods.

A huge log washed into the hayfield across the road from my house. My son Keith Ballard took several pictures for me to see.

There are new condos built on a hillside in Harrison, and the rain caused a landslide. Fifteen of the condos had to be evacuated.

I think the news said there were over 30 people that have lost their homes until who knows how long. I live not far from the river and I get a little edgy when it gets to a certain height. I know what it is like to go through a flood.

The rain has finally stopped and summer has come in with a vengeance. The Ohio Valley area has several 90-degree days. Sorry, folks, I am not going to complain. In four short months we will be wanting these warm days, or at least I will. In five months we will be celebrating Christmas.

My life has changed so drastically since June 1. All because of someone’s stupidity, doing something called distracted driving. Yes, I keep asking myself the question, “Why me, Lord?”

It really hurt me deep in my soul to miss Seedtime on the Cumberland at Whitesburg, and then I had planned on going back for Campbell’s Branch Festival on June 29. Someone was kind enough to share one video on the computer. Yes, I sat watching, tapping my left foot listening to Sunrise Ridge performing Rocky Island.

Wednesday evening, Dale Farmer was featured at Lane Public Library in Oxford, Oh., along with Warren and Judy Waldron. I really didn’t think I could go, but thanks to Daphne Korner for being generous enough to wrestle with a wheelchair, I was able to attend. The music was great, with a nice crowd at the debut and no talking above the music.

Sunday afternoon, June through August, Metro Parks will host a jam session at Indian Mound Church just outside of Riley. Warren and Judy Waldron host this event. This is such a beautiful place as you sit under shade trees enjoying music with a breeze caressing your face.

Daphne Korner once again came to my rescue, and picked me up, along with my companion, the wheelchair. There’s a small steep grade to get to the church, and they do have a van that will shuttle you to and from the church grounds.

The van driver was such a thoughtful person as she held my hand while I made the exit from the van. Again Daphne helped with my wheelchair.

Daphne noticed that my hair clasp was slipping. She asked me if she could fix my hair, and that she noticed it wasn’t the way I usually wear it. That meant so much to me to have someone be that thoughtful. With the cast around my thumb I can’t catch my hair in one hand. I almost picked up the scissors to cut it as I was trying to brush it.

On the way home Daphne and I stopped to see Hayward Day for a few minutes.

I must admit it is very tiring to get dressed with the left hand in a cast. There are times I just feel like staying at home, and be comfortable in a housecoat.

It is really breaking my heart to have to ask anyone, be it family or friends to take me anywhere or do anything for me. I’ve been asked, “Well, can’t Keith do this or that?” What some don’t realize is my son works so many hours. I am not depending on him to do things.

My constant companion, Vicki Power, is babysitting her four-month-old greatgrandbaby three days a week and then works two days at the produce stand.

I go to the orthopedic doctor this week. The cast should come off my arm, and the brace will be put back on. I am concerned about my right ankle, as the bone on top of my foot looks weird. Oh well, I will just have to deal with it.

Saturday, my granddaughters Sarah, Jessie, and Katie Nottingham, along with a friend, decided to go to Winton Woods on an adventure. They rented a pontoon boat, got so far out in the water, then discovered the boat was out of gas.

Sarah called her mom, but she didn’t get the answer she expected. Ann told them to use their arms and legs swim back to land. Then Anna told Sarah to call the marina, which she did, and gas was delivered. Not a good experience for a first time renting a pontoon.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Carol and her husband Jack has a pontoon, but they never got to enjoy it last year at all.

Johnny has a small garden to enjoy and fight the critters to try to keep them from eating or digging up his plants.

Les and Pat Wagner have the most beautiful heads of cabbage. Polly Hasty will be busy making sauerkraut. I can remember Mom making sauerkraut, the cutting a cabbage stalk, putting it in the center of the cabbage.

How I wish I had the recipe for the way Mom made chow-chow. There are recipes by the galore on the computer and cookbooks. None is like Mom’s, as she didn’t use all the spices that are in the recipes. Mom’s was very simple and delicious. The same with the stack cakes. Mom had her way of making do without all the things that other people had.

Carcassonne Community Square Dance will be July 13. Don’t bother to cook as there’s always good food. Sunrise Ridge is the featured band.

July 12, Sunrise Ridge will be performing at Campbell’s Branch Community Center.

Well my foot is aching, so it’s time to find a frozen bag of peas and carrots.

Please be careful in your travels, as you don’t know what nut is behind the wheel. Keep those cell phones out of your hands while you are driving.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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