Whitesburg KY

Rain has been good for the weeds

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and enjoying the weather when it’s pretty. We had rain again Monday and it’s making the weeds and grass grow.

Everyone’s gardens that I’ve seen look good; I wish I had one. When my husband was here he loved to raise half-runner beans and sell some. He only sold to those who had low incomes, and he sold them cheap.

My brother, Charles Howard, took me to church with him at Cram Creek. I was so pleased to see Corey Howard and wife, a grandson of my late Uncle John Howard.

I’m going to tell Corey some wild stories. When I went to school with his grandfather, I was six years old and he was 12. We had to walk about a mile to Elk Creek School, and I had to walk way behind him. We took milk and bread in a bucket for lunch, and he would get up on a flat rock and eat that with his spoon. I was so far behind him I didn’t get any lunch until lunchtime; then we would eat together.

I had to change schools three times in my first grade year. After Elk Creek I went to Blackey school, also with my Uncle John, and we had to walk about a mile to get there. John didn’t like to walk, so we went to the river where there was an old boat and we went to school in that boat. It was leaking, and I had to dip water to keep it from sinking and he kept the boat going. See how mean he was to me? I loved him and looked up to him. I thought he could walk on water.


When Uncle John went into the Army I was lost to death without him, and then he got married and had his own children and grandchildren. I loved him until his death. He was my dad’s youngest brother. We moved from place to place because of his jobs, and he never had a car and had to walk to work in the coalmines, and he never complained.

My brother, Hubert Howard, had to be admitted to the hospital for a day or so. He’s out now and seems to be doing okay.

My sister Betty Tyree came out for a visit and we really enjoyed sitting on my porch and talking about everything. I even let her eat with me. I love company, and my little Suzy does too. Betty gets to see her greatgrandchildren often. Kay has two; Cindy is expecting her first real soon, and Robin is really enjoying them.

My great-grandchildren are about all grown. Does that mean I’m getting old? I hope not. I sure enjoy all my family.

We had a real good church service last Sunday at Whitco Pentecostal Church. Brother Delmar Butler’s preaching was outstanding. We had a large crowd and four people took fellowship at our church.

My son, Larry Hatton, was admitted to Pikeville Medical Center for some tests. I hope they are able to help him. I miss him. He is so good to me. His wife Linda is the daughter I never had. I could not have made it without Linda’s help while I was sick, and she still does so much for me.

My son Rob has all his family on vacation in Florida. I’m sure they will enjoy it, and I’ll love getting to hear all about it, and I’ll love hearing it.

I like for my family to be happy and they sure are happy when they are together.

Note: The fourth coalminer in the picture appearing with my Whitesburg news last week has been identified as Dewey Collins.

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