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Rain has finally come to Harrison, Ohio area

Southern Ohio

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We didn’t get much rain this summer in the Harrison, Ohio area; we are making up for it now! I don’t mind the rain, when it turns to freezing I am scared to death of that mess.

I decided to enclose my telephone number in my column. I am really glad I did this as it turns out there’s a relation that lives in the Cumberland area I didn’t even know existed.

I have often mentioned my great-grandparents, Will and Nance Coots from Big Branch, Roxana. I received a phone call from Henry Coots’s son, Boyd Coots. While reading The Mountain Eagle he was surprised to find his grandparents’ names (Will and Nance) in my column.

I know there are several cousins of Mom still living. Somehow they all got separated and either didn’t care enough or were unable to keep in touch with each other as everyone got older.

Mom had an uncle, Boyd Coots, and his wife, Fondie, that lived in the Erlanger or Covington area. I recall taking Mom and Dad there to visit them many years ago.

Mom had an aunt, Ida, who married a Holbrook, and a halfsister, Ruth Gibson, that we had never met until recent years. Ruth has stayed more in contact with my brother, Wallace Lee Hall.

Thanks to Gladys Whitaker Hogg for helping to keep Ma and Pa Coots’s memory still strong in my mind. I am even more thankful for the many hours that Mommy (Ora Adams Hall) talked about her growing-up years on Big Branch. Nowadays the younger generation doesn’t want to hear about hard times. It was hard times during Mom’s and Dad’s growingup years, however there were fun times too!

How many of you readers can remember hearing of a rock or cave close to the Cumberland area that was so big there was a bar or business under it? I can remember Mom and Grandma talking about this.

I recently had a phone call from a classmate, Ray Lewis, whom I haven’t seen nor heard anything about in almost 50 years. Ray has done rather well for himself. He graduated from Kingdom Come High School, went to college to become a teacher, served a term in the service during the Vietnam area, and got to do a little traveling to Tokyo, Australia and other places. Main thing, he made it safe back from Vietnam.

Ray has worked in the coal and lumber business. He now builds houses and my brother, Richie Hall, tells me he is a good carpenter and a good person. Ray lives in the Gordon area with his wife Peggy, whom I really enjoyed talking to. I hope sometime when I go back to visit Richie and Wanda I get the pleasure of seeing Ray and Peggy Lewis.

I have often wondered what happened to the kids in my freshman class at Kingdom Come High School. The same with all the ones from Mill Branch Grade School.

Once again I have to write of sadness. My son-in-law Clarence Gray’s mother, Shirley Gray, was killed in a car accident in the Henderson-Owensboro area. Shirley’s daughter, Sandy, was driving and swerved to miss a deer. The road was bad and Sandy lost control and the car flipped several times. She spoke briefly to her mom, asking if she was alright. Her mom answered yes, but she lived just a few hours after the accident.

Shirley’s youngest daughter and her boyfriend were following close behind Sandy and Shirley. They saw everything unfold and called the police and held her mom’s hand as they waited for the emergency crew to arrive.

Sandy wasn’t seriously injured in the accident. She is blaming herself, but it was just a freak accident. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. Clarence lost his dad, James Gray, just a year ago.

While I am writing this column I am listening to WMMT. My grandson, little Bennie, is really liking the music. I have to keep him in his playpen as I finally got the Christmas tree up. I haven’t had any desire to put a tree up this year, however I finally found the energy to get it up and decorated. It must be catching as my daughter, Anna Nottingham, hasn’t gotten her Christmas tree up and neither has my granddaughter Jennifer Proctor.

Jennifer is trying to go to college, work part time, take care of her two children, plus she is an immaculate housekeeper like her mother, Kay. They take it after my mom, as that sure skipped me.

Shirley Wells drove to Erin, Tenn., to spend the night with her daughter, Alice, as the store where Alice worked had its Christmas party. Shirley stayed with her grandchildren Tyler and Trista. She also went to visit some old friends she hadn’t seen for a while. One of Shirley’s granddaughters, Ashlee, was having a concert the night with the choir she is in. Shirley couldn’t be in two places at one time so she was going to ask her son, Buddy Wells, to take her place.

How I remember the times of trying to be in two places at one time. I miss those times, too.

Marie Back, I thought of you in the middle of the night as I started having leg cramps once again. I wouldn’t wish these on my worst enemy!

I had a lot of blood work done. So far nothing drastic showed up. I still have to get some scans of my stomach. Sure hope they don’t check my head for a brain as I know they won’t find anything there!

My sister, Loretta Church, who is at Letcher Manor Nursing Home, has been getting out of bed to go play Bingo.

I get so tired of people begging for handouts at Christmas, going to food pantries and churches when they have more food stored up that never gets used. It is all right if you need it, however you don’t have to be so greedy, to go get it just because it is free.

If was at Gwen Huff Farmer’s, I just might have to go begging for a mess of good country vittles! Gwen sure sticks to her raising by putting out a garden and preparing for winter.

I have a few tomatoes that are still good. I had one for supper tonight. A store-bought ‘mater can’t compare to the taste of a homegrown one.

I really dread the cold winter months after Christmas is over. There’s not much to look forward to. I guess I will stay busy watching little Bennie.

My anonymous friend called to say she had been to the doctor. Her knees are still giving her a little bit of trouble. Maybe she will call me when she and her husband go to some bluegrass music sometime this winter.

My special friend, Betty Ison, has been under the weather. She and Doyle are so special to me. I can call Betty and talk to her, Gwen Huff and Shirley Wells; they keep me on the straight and narrow path. Doyle tries to do everything he can for Betty. Their sons, Mike and Randy, and their families are a close-knit family.

I want to say a special hello to Roger Day of Columbus, Ind., who is the son of Panny Day! Roger was visiting his mom and family during Thanksgiving, he picked up a copy of The Eagle and was reading about my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and Loretta being in Letcher Manor. While he was visiting his aunt at Letcher Manor, he stopped in to see Wallace Lee and Loretta. Roger said at first Wallace Lee was quiet, then as they started talking about Willie Mitchell, Ken and his brother, Charles Kingdon Frazier, and others, he became more talkative.

Roger was asking about Sally Amburgey, who married Charles Hampton. The last I heard Charles and Sally lived in the Louisville area.

Could someone tell me what the hype is over Hannah Montana? Makes me wonder if Jesus Christ was to appear at a theater how many would stand in line to go see him?

Oh I can see the editor of The Eagle will be busy with Speak Your Piece!

Hello to my two special readers, Levine Jones of Bristol Tenn., and Bruce Jones of Ingrams Creek.

I made a mistake in my column last week. Bruce’s little great-granddaughter, Destiny, who isn’t two years, says she wants Santa Claus to bring her a train, a puppy and $6 for Christmas! There are two proud grandparents on Ingrams Creek, Barb and Rick Jones. They live close to Destiny and Barb spends a lot of time with this sweet child. Barb took her shopping so Destiny told Barb to buy Wanda something. Barb tries to take Destiny home, and she said, “go to Granny’s house.” Destiny calls Richie “Papaw Richie.”

My granddaughter, Jennifer Proctor’s, little T.J. is walking now. He is so cute. There’s only three weeks’ difference in T.J. and Bennie. It is hard to believe these babies will be a year old in January! My great-granddaughter, Samantha, has been sick. There’s been a bug going around here.

Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? I am being mean again this Christmas. It is much easier to give my older kids money and let them get for the kids as I really don’t know what to get for them. Every toy you pick up is made in China!

Well it seems once again that old clock is trying to catch me, so until next time.

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