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Rain is making mustard patch grow well

Northeast Ohio

It’s a beautiful day here in Lorain. The sun is brightly shining and temperatures should be at least 80 degrees by noontime. My kind of weather!

We have been having quite a lot of rain and cool winds, but I’m not complaining because it is making our mustard patch really grow.

This has been a week for sad news. My good friend, Dorothy Potter, called to let me know she had lost a son on May 5, from that dreaded big C.

He was 59 years old and lived in South Carolina. My love and prayers are with Dorothy and all the family.

Also, my sympathy to the family of Margie Sergent Kiser, who died. I only heard about it on the day of her funeral.

I had known Margie since she was a very small girl. She was the daughter of John and Ercel Bates Sergent. She had four brothers, Steven, Estill, Arthur and Wayne, and two sisters, Phyllis Ann and Linda. I’m not sure if I have all listed and don’t know how many are still living.

Margie was a sweet, beautiful young woman, and I’m sure she will be sorely missed by her family, friends and church family.

I just found out that we have lost another cousin. Verta Profitt Crosier of Jackson, died. She was a daughter of Harrison and Sarah Elizabeth Sergent Profitt. She had four sisters, Verna, Velma, Vesta and Versie, who are all are deceased, and four brothers, Donald, Dennis, Denver and Darrell. Denver and Darrell are the only two boys still living.

Aunt Sarah Elizabeth was the only sister of my dad, Sam Sergent. We always thought a lot of our Profitt cousins, and we visited with them more than any of the others.

They grew up on Camp Branch and lived just across Hall Hill.

Mom loved Aunt Sarah Elizabeth like a sister. Verta will be buried in Jackson. My heart goes out to all the family, and I love you and my prayers are with you.

I talked to Georgia and she and her family are all well. I have also talked with my brother, Ronald Buford. I think he just called to let me know he was getting ready to fix a meal of soup beans, poke salad and cornbread.

He and Johnell were both doing well except for a few aches and pains.

Just wait until they get to be my age, then they will really know about aches and pains.

I have also talked to Sarah Belle and Jeanie, and both sounded really good. From what Jeanie says, Phil is being on his best behavior right now. He knows that if I find out he’s being bad I will tell.

Our precious friend Phyllis Clark (Milford) is in Kingston Nursing Home for rehab after suff ering a stroke recently. They are one of the couples who were with us during Bob’s final days and death. We will never forget the compassion and love we received from them at that time.

The other couple were Darrell and Vivian Hall, and these two couples will forever be in our hearts and prayers.

Hello to Kathy Hofmann in Erlanger. What a caring, thoughtful thing to do! Thank you so much. I have always heard there are angels among us, and I believe that to be so. My love to you.

This weekend is church time at Little Edna, and I’m hoping we can make it. We just have to wait and see how things are with Red. I’ve stopped making plans and will just do what we can when we can.

We planted four short rows of white half-runners. I just hope they grow and do well.

Our next garden project will be to set out five or six tomato plants. I might even decide to put out a couple of bell pepper plants.

I do believe I’m coming down with garden fever.

I received a birthday card, which actually made me cry. Thank you Ms. Angel.

I will write in a few days. It seems lately I’m like the turtle, slow but sure.

Bill called and said he had seen Red and his uncle, Charles on Facebook. They were put there by their niece, Irma Sowards Perry in Nicholasville, Va.

I’m wishing everyone who will be going back home a safe and pleasant journey, and that you have a great time with family and friends.

I will really miss seeing and visiting with you all. When you are having breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill on Saturday morning, if you notice a bite or two disappearing from your plate, never fear, it will only be a ghost (mine) flitting to and fro.

Have a fantastic week, stay well, share a smile with everyone you meet, and add a friendly hello. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave,. Lorain, OH 44055. (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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