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Rain, rising water create problems in Ohio

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone!

Oh what a difference a couple of weeks can make! First we had snow, snow and more snow, then we had rain without end.

My house is fairly close to the river. In 1996 I had water in my basement almost to my knees. My brother, Richie Hall, will say that wasn’t very deep. A couple of years ago Clayton and I went shopping at midnight to get a sump pump, as back water seeped into the basement.

I found myself in the same predicament. This time the water really came fast and furious; water was too close to my house for comfort. I had to go shopping again to purchase a hose for the sump pump. My son, Keith Ballard, pumped it out for me. I am thankful he left the hose attached as I have to keep it running.

While I was taking Keith to work, it was pouring rain then all of a sudden it started sleeting and just as quick it started snowing such big flakes it covered the ground and then it was gone again!

I had to drive through a small section of water that was starting to cover the road to drop Keith off at his job. It wasn’t long before the water covered Campbell Road.

I had some errands to do and as I was leaving all heck broke loose as fire engines, rescue units went flying past the house. About three or four miles from me, a woman had been in her basement checking a sump pump and she was found dead, then a short distance away several had to be transported from their mobile homes by a flatbottom boat.

The mighty Ohio River is about flood stage. This has been one heck of a winter. I am really looking forward to much warmer weather. My friend has daffodils that are ready to bloom in the corner of her yard. I still can’t understand how this is possible.

Ann Calihan called to see if I had floated away. My daughter, Anna Nottingham, called to see if I wanted to come to her house. Keith lives closer and it is more convenient should I have to evacuate.

On Lawrenceburg Road it is heartbreaking to see so close what people’s mobile homes look like. I told Anna I was going to get in the canoe that she and Scott have stored at the house and just go floating down the river. I may as well laugh or I will cry with all the destruction that is lost with a flood!

Gwen Huff Farmer sent me pictures of Harrisburg, Ill., the town she lives close to. It is such a sad thing to see all the water. This is the town Clayton and I visited when we went to see Gwen a few years ago. Gwen says it will be a couple of weeks if not longer before businesses can open.

There is one happy thing that has happened as Gwen received a phone call Mike Rutherford, a friend she hasn’t seen in 13 years.

Gwen’s son called to check on her. John is once again fishing. He caught a four-pound bass. John and his friend were to prefish for a couple of days before the tournament, which was Saturday. It seems the water is high there also.

It was a good week for Gwen as Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb from Hamilton have been in touch with her, along with Herbert Halcomb from Washington. Herb lived close to Gwen when they were young and lived on Linefork. His family moved to Ohio many years ago, then Herb went into service as so many young boys did, then he settled in Washington.

My little friend Shirley Wells hasn’t been feeling very well. I hope she soon gets perking again.

I met Richie and Wanda at St. Joseph East Hospital in Lexington. Richie was admitted as his sugar was really high. I thought about getting a room in a motel close to the hospital then remembered I had promised to pick up my little guy Bennie at Anna’s house. Wanda finally got to see Bennie.

Wanda and I finally got to the house at 9 p.m. Angie picked Bennie up at 12:30. By the time she left it was after 1 a.m. I was out of bed by 5 a.m. Saturday, and Wanda and I were on the road again by 7:00.

Richie was scheduled to have dye put in his legs, but a time wasn’t set. It rained all day Saturday, and the fog was starting to come in. Finally Richie and Wanda insisted I head for home before it got too bad. As I was leaving at 9 p.m., the nurse told me Richie would be going for the procedure in about 15 minutes.

I decided to make the trip home. I got home at 11 p.m. I called the hospital and Wanda said they were just about ready to bring Richie back to the room.

Dr. Eres was able to get through both legs, which were 99 percent blocked! Richie says it feels good to be able to feel his legs and feet being warm. I pray this was successful.

The nurses at St. Joseph were very nice. One nurse in particular was Heather Caudill, who is married to Steve Triplett. Heather’s mother, Sandra Caudill, was a principal at Kingdom Come Grade School. After she retired, Sandra became a nurse. Richie and Wanda knew Sandra. Another woman was a hairdresser for several years and waited until she was older then went into nursing also.

Betty and Barefoot Kelly are doing okay. Their daughter, Melissa, is weak as she is still battling cancer. Betty’s brother, Doug Bryant, is very sick at this time. Doug has cancer also. Please remember these two in your prayers.

My anonymous friends called to check on me as they were afraid the flood had reached my house. I had to laugh as they said they came by the house and honked the horn, but I didn’t come to the door! I wasn’t home.

Hello once again to my two special readers, the Jones boys, Levine and Bruce. I bet Bruce is wearing the soles off his shoes going to check on his pea patch.

Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb, one of these days you will have a surprise visitor as I find myself in your neck of the woods once in a while.

My daughter, Kay Gray, was involved in a minor accident. She was stopped at a traffic light, had things on her mind, when the traffic in the lane next to her started to move. She did too, except she wasn’t supposed to, so she plowed her Cadillac Escalade in the back of another car. I am thankful Kay wasn’t hurt and neither was the other driver. It didn’t do too much damage to her Escalade, but the other car didn’t fare too well even though Kay wasn’t going fast. It crumpled in the back.

Hello to my special guy Devon Cornett who likes to read my column. I hope the Easter bunny comes to see you. Little Shane Turner was very happy to see his picture in The Mountain Eagle. Shane has really had a lot going on for him in his short 12 years. He is involved in Special Olympics. He can’t hear so he signed for his mom, Lesa Turner, to thank me for the picture in the paper.

Rick and Barb Jones’s granddaughter, little two-year-old Destiny, will be satisfied with a bowl of soup beans and cornbread as that is a favorite thing of hers, along with fried bologna.

Old Time Fiddlers will be April 6 from 1 to 4 p.m. This is in the basement of the fire department at Miamitown, Ohio. Come on out for a few hours of good music; snacks are available.

Belated happy birthday to my daughter, Angie Weiderhold, March 23. She is the mother of Bennie.

Happy birthday to my son Keith March 29. Good gosh, where has the time gone?

Hello to Emma Engle of Lorain, Ohio. I called Emma and really enjoyed talking to her. I am sorry to hear of the death of her nephew in California.

Well, folks, that mean old clock is giving me the evil eye again, saying get up and get started on your way. I hope next column will be filled with happiness. The past two weeks have been very difficult for me.

Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, telephone 513-367-4682.

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