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Rain shower moved family cookout indoors

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Hello again, everyone!

My how time flies when you are having fun! It seems like it hasn’t been that long since I sent in a column. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day. It doesn’t seem right coming so early, I thought Decoration Day was always May 30. I really expect sometime in the future some screwball will change Christmas to make it more convenient for them.

How many remember seeing their moms, grandmas and aunts getting out the red crepe paper, scissors and little fine wire plus clothes hangers to make flowers to decorate the graves with?

On Memorial Weekend cars would be lined up with the drivers trying to head to the mountains to go to their loved ones’ grave sites, no matter how far in the head of the hollow or how far you had to climb up a mountainside.

My brother, Richie Hall, is the only one of our family that goes to clean off the graveyard and he sure isn’t able. When he is at the graveyard on Big Branch, where our parents, Clayton and Ora Hall, and our great-grandparents, Will and Nance Coots, are buried, Richie cleans off all the graveyard. I know some of the other people that have families could at least go help him.

There are graves there that have only a rock, and some don’t have that much. The Frazier Cemetery is so bad that there are sinkholes you can lie down in where it hasn’t been maintained in years. Richie always goes there to clean the section where our infant brother and sister are buried along with our grandpa, Alec Hall, and our aunt, Opal. Usually the county keeps the road maintained to the graveyard on Big Branch. I guess it didn’t get around to it this time.

I had every intention to head for the hills of home for Memorial Day, but it wasn’t meant to be.

If the price of gas keeps climbing I really don’t know what people are going to do. My daughter, Anna, and her husband, Scott Nottingham, have purchased a huge Wildcat fifthwheeler camper. So far it is has been parked in my backyard. I hate to think what it will cost to pull that thing around.

I went to my daughter, Kay, and her husband Clarence Gray’s for a cookout, which was eaten inside as it decided to come a quick shower. My granddaughter, Jennifer Proctor, and two kids, seven-year-old Samantha and 16- month-old T.J. were there, along with my granddaughter, Jodi Gray, who was home from Ohio University. My 15-year-old grandson, Jamie Gray, has a girlfriend now; it doesn’t seem possible he is at that age.

My granddaughter, Jodi, spent an evening with me. This was a grand time for me. We talked so much we didn’t get to eat out at Frisch’s and McDonald’s closed early.

My friend, Katherine Brundenman, and I went to the Red Barn to listen to music, of course we danced a lot too. Katherine is a lawyer in the northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area. I told Katherine she had seen the serious side of me, now she seen the fun-loving side, too.

My little sidekick, 16-monthold Bennie Wiederhold, and I went to visit Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ohio. It was a most enjoyable visit. Bennie didn’t wreck their house too bad, though he was very busy exploring, but not touching Arlyn’s things. Clarence was amazed that he was repeating things I would say. Arlyn was very pleased to hear him trying to say the alphabet, and as we dropped the magnetic alphabets in a container I would count so he would repeat.

Arlyn is a retired teacher. You can see the love on her face when she talks of her years of teaching. Their garden is beautiful. Clarence pulled me some onions.

Clarence made a quick trip to the mountains of Linefork and surrounding areas. His oldest son, Darrell. took him down along with a four-wheeler. They went to the graveyards and decorated and visited with some kinfolk and friends. They also checked on the lumbering up the branch at Mack Morgan’s. I know Clarence and Darrell stopped to see Hilliard Halcomb and Madelaine Roark Helton. Roxie Sumpter was not home and Wayne Whitaker was gone. They spent some time with Mack and Jewel Morgan. Clarence said he is looking forward to going back again.

Clarence said he talked to Wayne Whitaker on the phone for quite a while, and he really enjoyed their conversation.

Arlyn stayed home since their son took drove the truck and it would have been rather crowded. I told her had I known they were going down to the mountains, I would have been standing at an exit with my britchie leg rolled up and my thumb stuck out hitching a ride.

As Bennie and I were leaving, Arlyn picked a beautiful bouquet of peonies and gave it to me. She didn’t know it was my birthday, and to me that was so special. I placed the flowers in a vase; they are so pretty and smell so good.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards, and a special thanks to my kids for the flowers and gifts. My brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall tried to call me, and finally Richie and Wanda did get hold of me real late as Bennie and I were busy out gallivanting.

Little Bennie and I ventured over to the Whitewater Senior Center for an hour or so. Polly Ann Maucher was there enjoying the music. Bob Bryant was picking with the group. It is always nice to see Polly enjoying the music. Bob is a very good singer and guitar player.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Wanda Calihan, who died. Wanda is the daughter of Vernon Hogg. She had a brother, Jim Hogg, and a sister, Shirley Gentry. I had only met Wanda a couple of times. She was married to J.D. Calihan and they made their home for many years in the Mt. Carmel, Ind., area.

I knew Jim and Shirley when I was very young. Most everyone back home knew Jim Hogg, as he was a coal truck driver for many years, then he owned the coal company there at between Hot Spot and Roxana.

Daddy and Mommy rented from Vernon Hogg when I was a little girl. I still long to walk through the yard of the little white house that is almost hidden in the trees when I pass there.

One time my brother, Wallace Lee, and I were out playing. I held the fence down so the cattle could go across in a different place to graze. Alice Faye Mitchell used to come and play with me; she might have been in on this trick. Vernon looked for his cattle and had to go to the backside of the mountain to get them.

Gwen Huff Farmer spent a few days with her grandson and his family. Gwen enjoys being with her children. She is finally able to dig in the ground a little to get a few things planted.

Shirley Wells hasn’t been able to be on the computer because of the severe storms that has been in her area.

My good friends, Betty and Doyle Ison, are doing OK, Doyle is trying to keep ahead of the grass as it sure is growing.

Ann Calihan’s brother, Hubert Caudill, and his wife have been visited Ann and Johnny. Hubert is living in North Carolina. Ann and Johnny are always pleased to have Hubert and his wife.

Hello to my buddy Bruce Jones. I hear Levine and his friend made a trip to the mountains during Memorial weekend. I know Bruce was pleased to see Levine.

Richie did say that he and Wanda had a mess of peas from Barb and Rick Jones’s garden.

Hello, Devon Cornett, and your mom and dad.

Kirstey, you take care of Pappaw Richie and make him take care of himself.

Six-year-old Jessica Nottingham is recovering from a broken arm. So far she is doing all right.

My daughter, Kay, just called to invite me to breakfast at Bob Evans, so I will bid you goodbye.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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