Whitesburg KY

Rain was very much needed

As I sit here looking out my window watching it rain, I thought, “I can get just get an article out from this area again.”

It has rained all day and is a dreamy, lazy day. I looked up Choctaw Ridge and the beautiful white fog was filling the hollow and I couldn’t see Pine Mountain it was so thick. The branch coming from there behind the big hemlock pine trees is flowing once again. It reminds me of peanut butter fudge running over clumps of pecans (rocks) as it flows down the mountain to the creek of Dry Fork. It’s just beautiful and peaceful.

We sure were in need of rain. The creeks and branches have been dry most all winter, even with all the snows. The earth is dry and needs lots of rainfall. The creeks are looking bad with brown, slimy algae on the bottom and on the rocks. I hope it does some good.

So many folks are sick with some kind of colds that are making them feel so sick. It starts like a sinus infection and sneezing, and coughing and headaches. Some have had temperatures and chills, and just very weak feeling. I hope everyone feels better soon. Springtime is coming pretty soon and gardening time. We have to be well to do that.

My grandson Christopher has been in the hospital, but is out now and doing well. He had to stay three nights and days. He is a little trooper. He has asthma and he has a lot of breathing problems often. We are hoping he will outgrow all these things. He is a fine boy and loves people and riding his motorcycle, four-wheeler and anything with wheels. He’s a love.

Grammy Bonnie loves you very much. He loves his Papaw Claude and wrestles with him a lot. They really have a good time playing.

We had some other bad news of deaths in our area and other places.

Gladys Shepherd, a sister of Charles Shepherd, died last week. She had been sick for a long time and was in Cumberland Britthaven Nursing Home for a couple of years. Charles was so great to go and see and check on her every day he could. Charles is the pastor of the Hurricane Gap Church. He is a fine person in the community during sicknesses and death, and does so many other good deeds for his neighbors. He can sing so beautifully. I love to hear him sing one very special song: ‘ Thank You Lord (For Your Blessings on Me)’. Linefork

Thank you, Charles, for coming to our 60th wedding anniversary last July. I wanted to hear that song so much, but you didn’t get to sing it for me. It was so hectic with everyone talking and visiting, it was hard to do very much. But I sure loved everyone who came to visit with us. It was a wonderful time.

Our nephew, Charles S. Cornett, lost his lovely wife since I wrote last. They lived in Boone County, near Cincinnati. Her name was Reva Gail Boggs Cornett. A short illness took her. It was such a bad, snowy time that most of the family members from Letcher County were unable to make the trip to the funeral.

Reva had taught school here in Letcher County as a young woman, then they moved to Florence where she taught and retired. She was a fine teacher and a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother. She was a daughter of Charlie Boggs and Victoria Ingram Boggs, who preceded her in death years ago. Victoria was Claude’s aunt. She was his dad, Charlie Ingram’s, sister.

Dauphus Day has been very sick and in the hospital, but he is out now and doing fair.

I have been getting calls and letters from people interested in the big reunion in May. From all I hear, everyone is looking forward to being here. I got a call from one in Tacoma, Wash., Herbert Halcomb. He was a son of Charlie Halcomb, but he left Kentucky in 1943 and then went into the service during World War II. He came back to Washington and made his home there in 1948. He hopes to come to the reunion. I hope he can make it.

He probably will have a great story to tell us all. I’m so looking forward to seeing him and hearing about his journeys all over the west, and other places he’s been. He gets The Mountain Eagle every week. Just think, The Eagle sure flies all over the U.S.A.

I also got a call from Polly Ann Ison Maucher, who lives in Ohio. She is so excited about the reunion, May 28. Also, she had been calling people she knew to tell them about it.

I received a nice letter from Ken Roark in Port Richie, Fla. He is looking forward to being here.

I’m getting so excited. I can hardly wait to see everyone. They are so special to my heart. We will all miss those who have gone to be with Jesus. There have been so many of them. It hurts to know they won’t be there, but the memories will always be in our hearts.

Kingdom Come High School was such a familyoriented place. We seemed like one big family, and loved our beautiful old stone building and surroundings so dearly. I don’t think there has ever been a place more loved. It was small, yet so great. We try to keep the memories even though it is gone forever, because of neglect and not realizing what we had so close to home.

Some of the finest young men and women went out of Kingdom Come to make good in their lives. There were pilots, colonels, sergeants and great Marines who fought in World War II and some lost their lives doing their jobs and keeping our country safe. There were also doctors, nurses, doctors in education and the greatest moms and dads, coal miners who risked their lives to go underground to dig coal so our country could have resources that only coal could help to have. God bless them all who gave their lives for such grand deeds they accomplished, and died for.

Our Kingdom Come Community Center is doing well, but we could use a lot of help from people who need to help make it become a great place to visit.

Our elected officials who are supposed to be pulling for us need to get the jobs done. Don’t neglect us since the election is over. Make your promises become a reality We believed in your speeches and we’ve done our part, and now don’t forget about us. We won’t forget you. Love makes the world go ‘round.

Come visit us on Monday nights for good music, good food, and good fellowship at the Sugar Grove Opry Music Hall. We have some great singers and musicians.

Now, Rose Ballard, you come to our reunion. You used to be one of us, and you are welcome. I love to read your articles and hear about people I remember and love, Gwen, Polly Ann, Clarence Halcomb and wife, Clarence Huff and all the Whitakers, Bill and Joe Halcomb, the Ison boys and girls, Edith Cunningham and daughter, Donna, the Coots girls and boys, the Boggs family in Indiana.

Just come one and all. Make dinner reservations early so we can plan the meal. If you feel like sending a little extra for all the preparations I’ll be doing, it sure will be appreciated. Ten dollars for the meal, and if you feel like it.

We are having art lessons at the center. I’ve been trying to do some. It’s so much fun and interesting. I hope to learn so I can paint beautiful scenery.

Please write to me and tell me your plans. I’ll write again soon.

With love and blessings.

Motels are: Plaza Motel, Cumberland: 606-589- 2646; Super 8, Whitesburg: 606- 633- 8888; Parkway, Whitesburg, 606-633-4441, Benham Inn, Benham, 606- 848-3000.

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