Whitesburg KY

Raindrops extinguish forest fires


Hello, everyone, hope you all are doing well. We have been having comfortable weather and I was glad to see the rain. We needed much more, but I’m thankful for every drop. It put out some forest fires across from my house.

I forget to mention last week about Linda (Pennington) Hall winning a dulcimer at Alice Lloyd College. She was there with some of her family and won it as one of the prizes. She was sure pleased.

I got a call on Friday from Flo Mohen telling me about all the places she and her husband, Bob, had been to. They went to Cape Cod, Hyannis Port, the Kennedy Museum, a witch museum, and a fantastic Amish farm. They also went whale watching and took a plane ride around the Cape. They had a great time. Wow! Does that sound like fun or what?

I called Dorthy Tackett this morning. She is making a quilt. Her daughter, Lucille Graves of Bristol, came on Friday and took her shopping for a winter coat. She didn’t find what she wanted so she’ll keep looking.

She said she had a call from Coy Morton and he was doing OK. I need to call him. He has been a longtime friend.

I have a new great-granddaughter. She weighed almost nine pounds and is so beautiful! Her parents, Jamie and Julie Hatton, agree with me 200 percent. I can’t wait to get a picture to show off.

It was good seeing Georgia Stallard at Pine Mountain Grill. She was there with her daughter, Judy Kincer, and husband Harold. She is a sweet lady. I don’t think I have ever seen her not smiling. I like that.

My son, Rob, and I enjoyed having dinner with Billy and Sandra and also Larry Hatton. Everyone treats him like he is a celebrity since he sacrificed his hair for the Cougars.

Aggie Hatton, Louise Shepherd and I really enjoyed being at Cowan Chapel on Saturday night. My grandson, Chris Hatton, and wife Sara were supposed to sing that night, but a family problem kept them from coming. We were sorry about that, but things do come up.

We met so many friends there, Alma and Lester Tindal, Mike and Bernetta Lucas, Glen and Eva Dean Webb, Charlie and Faye Banks, Charlie and Shirley Day, the pastor, Cassell Boggs, and wife Opal and her sister, Bonnie, and some I can’t remember their names. We enjoyed everyone’s singing.

Bro. Bob Stidham and his wife from Indiana were there. If you are ever around Bob and there’s pecan pie, hide it or he’ll eat it all. He was still holding the empty pan. I accused him of eating it all. He and his wife did some pretty singing. He could have preached. He had a preaching spirit. We had lots of good food and good fellowship. The pastor and all his members were so friendly we felt at home and we’ll go back.

This article was in the Lexington Herald-Leader:

“Hillard Howard was in Pikeville [recently] for a reunion of the Panthers’ teams he coached to state titles in 1987, ’88 and ’89. ‘It was great seeing a bunch of my former players again, some of them for the first time in 15 or 20 years,’ Howard said.

“While glimpsing at the past is fun, Howard is also enjoying the present as coach at Letcher County Central, which was formed with the consolidation of Fleming-Neon, Letcher and Whitesburg three years ago. The night before the reunion at Pikeville, Howard guided Letcher Central to victory over East Ridge, its seventh win in a row since a season opening loss to Hazard. The Cougars have already clinched their 5A district title. ‘We’ve got a ton of good things happening,’ Howard said. ‘The future looks good, too. We’ve got a ton of young kids, so the best times are coming.’ QB Charlie Banks, RB Dakota Brock and RB/WR Terry Tolson are among Letcher Central’s top players. Howard, a 1965 graduate of Whitesburg, has enjoyed reviving football in his hometown. ‘The three schools came together so easy. We didn’t have one fight. Everybody got along right from the start.'”

This news from Pauline Webb:

“I wanted to let you know I had heart bypass surgery (five bypasses) and also had an aortic valve replacement on Oct. 6 at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington. All my children and grandchildren were there during my surgery. My preacher, Rev. Bill Craft, came down with Ray Smith. Johnny and Mercedes Adams and one of the deputies from the sheriff’s office, Kenny Terry, and his wife were also there, and Ralph and Barbara Brown. I am home now and slowly recovering. I got flowers and get well cards and appreciate all the cards and flowers and prayers I received.”

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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