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Raleighs marking 26th anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping everyone had a good week.

The first day of autumn began Sept. 22. Sure looking like fall already.

Birthdays this week: Tommy Fields will be 69 on Sept. 26; Edra Pack will be 73 on Sept. 27. Happy birthday.

David Raleigh and Margie Fields Raleigh will be married 26 years on Sept. 26. Happy anniversary.

Anna Lou McCool died Sept. 19. She was a daughter of the late Boaz and Eliza Adams Sexton. She was the widow of the late Mose McCool. Surviving are a daughter, Joyce Halcomb of Thornton, and a son, John Frank McCool of Sexton’s Branch; a brother, Mack Arthur Sexton of Sandlick; and five grandchildren. Funeral was Sunday at Letcher Funeral Home with Glenn Gross officiating. Burial was in Obie Fields Cemetery on Cowan.

My sympathy goes out to the family. I knew lately she had been in bad health.

Sept. 30, 1992, years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue, a beautiful baby girl was born to Chad and Diana Fields. Her name is Ashley Renee Fields, and on this day she turns 21. Can’t believe my baby girl is a woman now. Papaw and I love her very much and we are proud of her. Although we are miles apart, she is always in our heart.

She has a sister, Becca, who is 18 now, and a younger sister Michaela, who is 15, and a stepmother, Amber, who loves her and is supportive of her. Happy birthday!

Irene and Eugene Day and their children, Emma Adams and Francis Day, have been gathering lots of apples from their trees. They had plenty this year, enough to feed the country.

Archie went back to the doctor the other day. She said he was looking good. He had gained some weight and got an arthritis shot.

Kathy has been having pain in her back and legs. She is doing a little better.

Dorothy Miles still needs our prayers. I saw her son, Paul, a few days ago, and he said she stays worn out. I know it has to be hard for her and Glen, because she was always so active. Pray that God will give her a complete healing. She is such a precious lady, and I love you (Jean). When I was a child I thought you were one of the most beautiful ladies I knew, and you still are.

Hello to Mrs. Preston in Florence. Your house looks good with someone living in it. I don’t know who they are. They must have children. I see toys in the yard. It’s different going past there, and you are not in the yard or garden. Still miss you. Hoping all is well with you.

In prayer this week, let’s remember all the shut-ins, homeless, drug addicts, and those that are bound by alcohol, and pray for our country, all those who are sick, and those who are in need financially.

Well folks, I have rattled on long enough. Be good to one another. Until next time may God bless.

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