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Randy got a classic Cadillac as a gift

Two weeks or so ago, my son Randy, who lives in Montana, arrived to pick up his 23-year-old classic Eldorado Cadillac Mark Cross Edition Touring Coupe that’s in mint condition with very low miles on the odometer. I gave him the car from my estate.

The car has never been driven in the rain or snow, and has never been driven at night. No one had ridden in the back seat until my granddaughter rode in it a few years ago.

I received a phone call recently from Randy telling me the motor vehicle department will not accept the title unless my signature is notarized.

Randy is sending the title back to me by overnight express for me to get it notarized.

Randy is very upset, but not as much as I am. He loves the old car, and I’m told it’s worth big bucks.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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