Whitesburg KY

Randy Ison returns home from Iraq

Southern Ohio

Howdy everyone! How is everything in your little corner of the world? Can you believe it is starting to get dark a little earlier already? There’s a tree close to my house that is already starting to change colors.

My son Keith Ballard was once again in the hospital. This is four times since the end of May.

Boyd Coots, I will get that picture of the house of your grandparents, my greatgrandparents Will and Nance Coots, to you.

Vickie Power and I escaped for a little while to have supper at LaRosa’s in Western Hills. My granddaughter Jodi Gray works there, and my 16-year-old grandson Jamie Gray works there too. Neither one was working this evening.

I came across a letter that I received from a woman named Rushie McAllister saying how much she enjoys my articles in the Kentucky Explorer.

I received the nicest call from a man named Gomer from Grand Rapids, Mich., saying he reads my column each week. He is from the Thornton area. Gomer said each year in August there’s something called Kentucky Day in Michigan. He is related to the following people through marriage and asked if I remembered Sherman Ison, who is a brother to Evelyn and Sadie Ison Hayes, and he mentioned Estill, Joe and Willard Whitaker. Then he asked if I knew Chuck Mitchell and his brother Willis Lee. They have two older sisters, Cuma Jean and Alice Faye.

Yes, I remembered every one of the names.

I want to personally welcome a young soldier home from Iraq! Randy Ison is the son of Doyle and Betty Ison of Aurora, Ind. Doyle and Betty are from the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Randy’s wife Sheryl and boys Ryan and Adam are very glad to have him home. Randy’s brother Mike and his wife and boys are glad to have him home also.

Randy spent a year in Iraq which has seemed a lifetime to all his family. He has served in the Reserves for several years. Welcome home, Randy!

Congratulations go out to Doyle and Betty Ison for the new addition to their family. Betty tells me they have a 1949 Ford. This car is a long way from home as it is from California.

When Betty called to tell me she had a new addition to the family, I thought sure she was going to tell me she was going to be called Grandma! Was I in for a surprise?

They are the proud owners of — I may be mistaken about the year — a 1932 Chevy. Doyle has several trophies for this beauty! One trophy was from a car show at Whitesburg.

Gwen Huff Farmer says her garden is just about done, so she is sowing her greens and different things for fall. Gwen, Shirley Wells and I were on the computer together. I showed Keith that I was talking to Shirley in Tennessee, and Gwen in Illinois and that we were all three from back in the mountains. Keith couldn’t believe it.

Please keep my son in your prayers as he has a long way to go to be completely well. This son of mine doesn’t have a lazy bone in his body, he is trying to work and he isn’t able to. He sure takes after his grandpa Clayton Hall.

I have seen Daddy go to work when he hardly get out of bed. I begged Keith to stay home a few days and he won’t listen to me.

Hello to Willa Mae and Carl Boggs. I understand Willa Mae is keeping Carl busy cleaning out closets. Watch her, Carl, she will try to throw you out with everything.

Carl enjoys spending time under the big tent with the guys at the old store in Whitesburg. Wish I was little mouse; bet I could have a lot to write about.

Letcher County Day in Harrison, Ohio is fast approaching. Mark your calendar for Sept. 26 and meet me at the Community Center, 300 George Street, at the picnic shelter behind the playground at 11 a.m. Bring a covered dish and a beverage. If you play music, please bring your instrument, Ann Calihan may sing for you! Polly Ann Maucher, I hope you will be there, and if possible maybe Frick and Frack, Doug and Michael Ison can make this trip.

Eveeda Ison, I am looking forward to seeing you too, along with everyone who has helped to make this dream of mine come true.

As I was letting little Bennie play outside, oh how I needed a camera with me. Keith has a car and truck on the trailer pad behind my house, and Bennie decided to help work on it. He found a round washer, and then a wrench that Keith had left laying. I looked at Bennie and he was putting the washer on the hub, he had the wrench in both his little hands and was trying to tighten it. Of course the wrench had oil and dirt on it, and Bennie’s little hands were a mess. Oh his mom would have been mad. I let him play then I put a small amount of water in a bucket and let him play in it.

Angie works at night then she and Bennie sleep during the day. This child doesn’t get outside very much except here at my house. He loves the outside so I stay out with him as much as possible when he is here.

Betty and Bill Kelly enjoyed another trip to visit their daughter Missy and her family in the Hot Spot area. A couple of Betty’s sisters have visited Betty and Bill at Franklin this past month.

Shirley Wells’s granddaughter Ashley enlisted in the service. Ashley is very homesick. Shirley says she is a very determined little girl so she will adjust.

Gwen Huff Farmer is still glowing in the memories of having all her children at home for her birthday. Gwen is a wonderful woman.

My brother Rickie and his wife Wanda may get to visit me sometime in the future as it seems I don’t know when I will be heading that way.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall. I do feel ashamed that I don’t stay in touch with my brother Wallace Lee Hall and his wife Georgia, and my sister Loretta Church, who are patients at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Albert Bailey, I will try to get back in touch with you some time this week. Thanks for trying to keep in touch with me.

It is time for me to get this on its way as I have a busy day planned as usual. Until next time, Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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