Whitesburg KY

Ray Dean Adams was well loved


What a warm weekend we had this past Saturday and Sunday. It was a welcome break from the recent cold and snowy weather, but it is winter and that’s to be expected.

We were all shocked by the sudden death of Ray Dean “Boopie” Adams on Jan. 28. He was well known and loved throughout the area and always greeted you with a big smile, handshake or a hug. He never seemed to meet a stranger.

Blair Branch Church overflowed with family and friends who came out to pay their respects to his family and to remember Ray Dean.

Many memories were shared, most with a funny aspect to them, because we all knew him to be a funloving, family oriented fellow. He was an avid hunter and fisherman, but first and foremost, a Christian who loved the Lord and his church.


Ray Dean was just a young man when the Blair Branch Church was built, but he could recall riding in his grandfather, Hisey Caudill’s, wagon as they brought building materials to the church, and helped work on the place he called his home church.

“Boopie” Dean was always a special person in our family because of his friendship with my uncle, Blaine Adams, and also is a cousin on my mom’s side. Sympathy to Doris, Randy, Vanessa, Jason and their families, plus Buck, Dennis Gene, Sonja, Debby and Donna.

Anita Caudill recently fell at the nursing home and broke her leg. She’s sporting a cast and is taking it well. She’ll be better before you know it, but wanted her friends to know.

Barney and Lela Back both celebrated a birthday on Jan. 29. Dad, Don Pridemore, celebrated on Feb. 2; Juanita Mccarey and her son Freddy both had a birthday on Jan. 31. Belated wishes to all.

While Debbie and Buck Adams were here for Ray Dean’s funeral, everyone was inquiring about Debbie’s mom, Irene Jent. We miss Irene since she’s been living in Indiana, and Debbie said Irene would be pleased that everyone wanted to tell her hello, and asked about her.

Gary and Becky Pridemore’s daughter Kelly recently took a trip to Africa. She and a friend hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. The pictures sent back on Facebook were beautiful, and it looked like a great trip.

Hope Benji Smith is feeling better. Danna says he’s been having some tests run and so far things have been coming back okay.

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