Whitesburg KY

Reader claims landfills cause many problems

To the Editor:

I read the two local papers this week and noticed some complaining about the two landfills poisoning the people just below them. I live about a mile below it and have five contaminated wells. Ultimately, all this goes into Whitesburg’s drinking water. I won’t drink anything in Whitesburg.

I noticed two other articles about piping water from Jenkins to Kona and from Carr Fork to Mayking. This leaves Millstone in the middle high and dry. I ask the Judge’s office if they had any plans for water and sewer for Millstone and they said no.

Presently I am piping water from a tiny spring 2,200 feet up the mountain high above the landfill elevation. As more neighbors hook on, we have enlarged our tanks to about 800 gallons. The recent drought has caused us to get another 500- gallon tank, we will install this summer. Presently, we maintain about one-half mile of line for six homes.

We filter the water and I have a reverse-osmosis system on my ice makers and drinking water just in case. I intend to install a holding tank to recover our bath water and re-use it to flush the commodes. I spent a few weeks in Montana, Colorado and Wyoming this fall and recycled water is quite common there. I hear the fountains at Las Vegas use recycled bath water from the hotels and casinos.

The attitude out there is totally different, and it reflects in everything you see or touch. I drank water from the Clark’s Fork of Yellowstone and several other small streams. I won’t even wade in the river here.

Not only does the county poison our water, but they destroy and litter our road. About half the garbage trucks are illegally overweight for that road, and pose imminent danger for our residents on such a narrow and damaged road. There are places broken off by big trucks that have never been repaired and leave less than enough room for cars and trucks to pass.

Several cliffs or steep hills 50 to 100 feet high have no guardrails or the posts have rotted down long ago. Even after hundreds of complaints, nothing has been done. The road to the landfill is covered with litter and to my knowledge, has only been picked up (by the county or state) twice in the 32 years I have lived there. Yet the garbage trucks go untarped (illegally) even after years of complaining about it.

The bridge has been destroyed four times by overweight trucks, and the state refuses to put a weight limit on it. I wonder how long this new bridge under construction will last.

In 32 years, I have never seen the D.O.T. weigh a truck. They are a joke and a waste of good boots.

The old company store has partially collapsed and is about to fall out into State Rte. 113. No one will do anything despite hundreds of complaints. I just hope it doesn’t kill any of my friends when it falls.

The E.P.A. should be called Environmental Pollution Agency for all the money they waste. Several old trucks and junk equipment have leaked perhaps hundreds of gallons or more of antifreeze and oil into the ground just a few feet from several wells near the store. The E.P.A. was called and took samples and said they found nothing. I showed that idiot the oil puddles, but he said he took samples from the “surrounding areas.” I asked, “Where?” Neon and Rockhouse. Another waste of space and air.

You would think that since the county and state provide so few services that are required of them, and that we have to provide them ourselves, they would have to pay us taxes.


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